Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 23 April 2019), April 1829, trial of JOHN BARR (t18290409-74).

JOHN BARR, Theft > stealing from master, 9th April 1829.

784. JOHN BARR was indicted for stealing, on the 10th of February , 1 coat, value 10s., and I pair of trousers, value 5s. , the goods of Henry Hart and John Davis , his masters.

JOHN DAVIS . I am a salesman , and live at Hammersmith . The prisoner was in my service for two years and a half - on the 5th of February I received information that he had robbed me; I went to an officer and told him of it; I then went to a pawnbroker's, and found seven pairs of shoes, a waistcoat, and a hat, which I had seen in the shop before, but I cannot tell how lately, as we have a large stock of shoes - the shoes and the hat were new, the waistcoat was second-hand.

Cross-examined by Mr. JOHN ALLEY . Q. Do you keep a slop-shop? A. A sale-shop - I have seen these things within a year; I have hardly been in the shop a year and a half - none of them were found on the person of Chapman; a duplicate was found on him - he had a pair of trousers and a rap on; I do not claim them as mine, because I am not sure they belong to me; I did ask Chapman about them - I told Mr. Scott that a pair of trousers were found on Chapman: I know he is without father and mother, and has no friends - he was in great distress when I took him; I rather believe the trousers to be mine, but I left him in possession of them, because I am not sure they are mine; I believe a duplicate was found on a person named Casey, who was before the Magistrate, but is now at large.

CHARLES CHAPMAN . I took some things to pawn for John Barr , one evening about three months ago - it was since Christmas; there were seven pairs of shoes and a black cloth waistcoat - I cannot say how much I got, I believe it was ten shillings; I gave some of the money to Barr, and kept some myself - I believe I went eight times, once with a waistcoat, sometimes with shoes; the two last times there were two pairs in each parcel.

Cross-examined. Q. Did you often go to the shop of Mr. Davis? A. Twice a week sometimes, but not every week - Mr. Davis was sometimes from home; I saw things hanging at the door, clothes and shoes, in the day time - I have passed the shop before I knew the prisoner; I have not known him above three-quarters of a year - I have a pair of trousers belonging to Mr. Davis; I pawned a coat and a pair of trousers at Mr. Wells', at Kensington, and I took a coat and a pair of trousers to another pawnbroker's - Barr gave me the trousers I have on to wear; I went with Casey to Mr. Gould's, the pawnbroker - I told the prosecutor I had a pair of his trousers on; no one was present when the prisoner gave them me to pawn.

COURT. Q. You say Mr. Davis was there sometimes? A. Yes; and then I did not speak to the prisoner - they asked me my name at the other pawnbroker's, but not at Mr. Gould's, because they knew me; I live with my father and mother.

MR. ALLEY. Q. Did you tell your father and mother the prisoner gave you these things, before the trousers were found on you? A. No; I only told Casey - I afterwards told Mr. and Mrs. Davis.

RICHARD WAYLETT . I live at Mr. Gould's, a pawnbroker, at Hammersmith. I have four pairs of shoes which were pawned by Chapman - I cannot swear to the others; I asked him where he came from, he said from Mr. Foley.

Cross-examined. Q. Has Chapman been often in your shop? A. Yes; I had seen him for a year and a half or two years - he pawned them in his own name.

JOHN TROUBLE . I live at Mr. Well's, a pawnbroker, at Kensington; I have a coat and a pair of trousers pawned by a lad, but I cannot tell who.

THOMAS KING . I am a pawnbroker - I received a coat and trousers for 10s. from a lad - I cannot say who; Mr. Davis claims them.

JOSEPH PALMER . I am an officer, and took the prisoner - we had no conversation. NOT GUILTY .