Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 26 March 2023), April 1822, trial of RICHARD PEARSON (t18220417-12).

RICHARD PEARSON, Theft > grand larceny, 17th April 1822.


546. RICHARD PEARSON was indicted for stealing, on the 11th of April , 30 lbs. of rope, value 20 s.; 20 lbs. of spun yarn, value 18 d., and eight pieces of wood, value 16 s. , the goods of Richard Campbell Bazett .

SECOND COUNT, stating it to belong to John Richard Frederick Doveton .

MR. ANDREWS conducted the prosecution.

BENJAMIN JOSEPH FIELD . I am chief officer of the ship Locus. On the 11th of April she lay in the City Canal ; there was a stage composed of spun-yarn and timber, made to comunicate with the land. The ship belonged to Mr. Richard Campbell Bassett , and I had the charge of it; we were going off, and the stage was dropped into the water - the prisoner had been one of the crew, and was discharged on the Saturday before. After he was in custody, he said he had been assisting another in removing the things, but did not know what had become of them - that he had not sold them.

CHARLES WHITE . On the 11th of April I went to take charge of the stage, and found it dropped into the water; the prisoner came down by the side of the bank in a boat, and lent me a hand to launch the spars off the bank - I thought he was one of the crew; I had to go to the ship Providence, and while I was gone he took them away; they were to be delivered to Mr. Hillman, of Poplar - I thought he was going to take them there, believing him to be one of the crew. He rowed away behind the ship.

JOHN GILLMAN . I am a Thames Police surveyor. He was given into my charge on Friday - I asked why he took the things, who was with him, and what he had done with them; he would not tell - he said he had not sold them - he said he was very sorry for what he had done. It has not been found.

Prisoner's Defence. I was in a boat with a lad, whose name I do not know; he was coming by the City Canal, and saw me by the spars.

GUILTY . Aged 15.

Confined for Two Months .

Second Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Recorder.