Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 06 December 2023), June 1821, trial of MARY SAMME THOMAS BALLARD (t18210606-141).

MARY SAMME, THOMAS BALLARD, Theft > grand larceny, 6th June 1821.

850. MARY SAMME and THOMAS BALLARD were indicted for stealing, on the 31st of May , one inkstand, value 6 d.; two yards of carpet, value 6 d.; one butter-boat,value 6 d.; two quarts of wine, value 2 s., and two bottles, value 6 d. , the goods of Joseph Walters .

MR. JOSEPH WALTERS . I live in Duck-lane, Edmonton , and am a silk manufacturer . The prisoner Samme, was my cook - Ballard is a stranger. Having information, I set a watch outside my door to inform me when any one came to the house. On the 30th of May, at ten o'clock at night, the bell rung - I went out, and found Samme running across the yard - I asked where she was going, and what was the matter - she said, it was only a friend come to see her. I went into the servants' sitting-room, by the door where she came from, and found Ballard sitting there in the dark, eating. I told her to bring a light, which she did, and on looking round, I found a bundle on the floor - I asked him what it was - he said, it was given him for Mary - I opened it, and found a dirty shirt, a pair of stockings, and two empty bottles - he said the shirt and stockings came from James (Mr. Stringer's coachman, of Enfield). for Mary, and the bottles he knew nothing of, but they did not come from James - I had them taken into custody. The officer searched Samme's box, but found nothing. Next morning we went to Ballard's premises at Enfield, with a search-warrant - he said he lived there, and his wife and family were there. I found a plated inkstand, a Delft butter-boat, and some pieces of carpet in the room his wife was in. I do not know that I had seen the inkstand for twelve months before; the carpet had been locked in the store-room, and was merely cuttings; I might not have seen them for six or eight months. Samme lived two years with us.

Cross-examined by MR. BRODRRICK. Q. She ran from the yard - A. No; from the anti-room into the kitchen - the door opens into the stable-yard. Ballard had come in at the kitchen gate, and the anti-room is close by. Samme had no light in her hand. The shirt and stockings were not mine, but I knew the bottles by the corks - they were empty - the marks were on when it came from the merchant.

Q. Did Mrs. Barnes char at your house - A. Yes, I understand some pieces of carpet were given to her, but not these, they were smaller.

JAMES HERD . I am footman to Mr. Walters. I was stationed to watch, and about ten o'clock at night, I saw Ballard walking backwards and forwards in front of the house (I have seen him there five or six times before) - after watching some time, I saw Samme open the gate and beckon him in. He went in, and I rang the bell as a signal for my master.

Cross-examined. Q. Mr. Stringer's coachman was her brother - A. No, he is an acquaintance - I know she washed his things.

SAMUEL FROST . I am a constable. I was sent for, and took Ballard at the house. I took Samme next morning, and went to Ballard's with a search-warrant, and found some pieces of carpet, a Delft butter-boat, and a plated inkstand. Mr. Walters gave charge of Ballard for secreting himself in his house, to rob it. He said, he did not come to rob.

(Property produced and sworn to.)

SAMME'S Defence. I gave him the butter-boat - the handle was broken off.

BALLARD'S Defence. She gave it to me with some dripping in it.

MARIA MURRELL . I am servant to Mr. Walters. I know Mrs. Walters gave Mrs. Barnes some pieces of carpet - it might be eight or ten months ago, when we were cleaning the house down - they were in the store-room - she said Mrs. Barnes might have them, or we might do as we liked with them. I remember some of these produced were among them (pointing them out).

COURT. Q. Do you mean to swear that that piece was was given to Barnes - A. Yes. I have seen Ballard at the house once or twice - he came about nine o'clock at night - I did not know she supplied him with provisions. I never saw the inkstand in the house - I have been there a year and ten months.


Second Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Common Sergeant.