Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 06 February 2023), September 1820, trial of JAMES DUNN (t18200918-56).

JAMES DUNN, Theft > pocketpicking, 18th September 1820.

955. JAMES DUNN was indicted for stealing, on the 20th of July , from the person of Michael Clark , 2 s. in monies numbered, and eight 1 l. Bank notes, his property .

MICHAEL CLARK . I am a labourer , and live in Grosvenor-market - the prisoner slept in the front room and I in the back. My purse, containing 8 l. 5 s., was in my breeches pocket. I went to bed about nine o'clock, and about four o'clock I saw the prisoner at my door with my breeches in his hand - I was afraid to speak him, as he had a knife in his hand. I missed my money when I got up - he was apprehended the same day.

Cross-examined by MR. BRODERICK. Q. Your room is very dark - A. Yes. Daniel Cannon slept with me; his brother Michael charged the prisoner with it. The prisoner desired he might be searched, but he had been out before that.

Q. Did you say to Ann Murray , that you would swear the prisoner took it, whether he did or not - A. Never.

MICHAEL CANNON . I slept with the prisoner; he got up twice and left the room - I do not know where he went to. Clark complained of being robbed between three and four o'clock, and said he saw Dunn with his breeches in his hand. I told the prisoner he must have robbed him. He drew his knife on me, and said if I said so again he would run it through me.

Cross-examined. Q. The prisoner was ill - A. He said so. I saw him go into Clark's room.

ANN MACDONALD . I rent the first floor of the house. I heard Cannon tell the prisoner he had Clark's money. He told him if he said so again he would run him through with the knife which he had. He said he had never been out of his room all night. My husband said,

"Why do you deny that?" - he then said he had been out once.

Prisoner's Defence. He said he would have all the house taken up. Cannon said

"We must all be searched." I was ill in the night, which made me get up.

EDWARD M'KILLEN. I slept in the room, and saw the prisoner going about in his shirt, with some papers in his hand.

ANN MURRAY . I am the prisoner's sister-in-law. I was talking to Clark about this, and he said whether it was the prisoner or not he would swear it was, and if he was acquitted he would hang him if he could.


Second Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Common Sergeant.