Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 05 August 2021), April 1818, trial of MARY RANDALL SARAH GARDNER (t18180401-117).

MARY RANDALL, SARAH GARDNER, Royal Offences > coining offences, 1st April 1818.

647. MARY RANDALL and SARAH GARDNER were indicted for unlawfully procuring twelve counterfeit shillings, with intent to utter the same .

HENRY KEMBER. I am an apprentice to John Dockhill , who is an oilman , in Bishopsgate-street . On the 30th of March the prisoner, Randall, came to the shop for a quarter of a pound of soap, which came to two-pence-halfpenny - She gave me half a crown; I sounded it, and asked her if she had not got halfpence; she said, "No; do you think it is bad." I told her I did not. I put it in the till, and gave her the change. Gardiner then came in and asked for a pennyworth of pickles - I told her we did not sell so small a quantity, and she went out. Randall then said she had got halfpence, and I might return her her half crown; I told her to keep the change, as I had put it into the till and mixed it. She then took up the shillings, bit them, and said one was bad - She had taken them up before, while Gardner was in the shop. I said it was not the same that I gave her; she said it was, for she had no other. I then changed it, and she went out.

WILLIAM BLACKFORD . I am a porter. I was in the shop when the prisoners came in, and heard the whole. When they went out I went to carry some salt into Threadneedle-street, the same way that they went; as I returned I met them, talking together; I watched them into Holt's wine-vaults in Threadneedle-street, and after that to a fishmonger's opposite-Holt joined me; we watched them into a bookseller's. I then saw Randall go up to a Jew, Gardner waited on the other side; Holt got an officer, who came up. We saw them at the Bank counting money, and changing it from one to the other; we followed them to a coffee-shop in Honey-lane-market, and when they came out the officer took them. I saw them both drop money-one parcel was in a handkerchief, and theother in a glove, which I picked up and gave them to the officer.

GEORGE HOLT . I keep a wine-vaults in Threadneedle-street. The prisoners had some liquor at my shop. From what Blackford told me, I watched them, and saw them changing money-both of them were ringing it on the ground-it was between seven and eight o'clock in the evening. We followed them to Honey-lane-market, into a coffee-shop - They came out again, and Brady laid hold of them. Gardner threw down a glove containing counterfeit money, and Randall threw a paper down with counterfeit money in it.

JOHN BRADY . I am a constable. I watched the prisoners with the two witnesses, and saw them changing their money at the Bank; I followed them into a coffee-shop in Honey-lane-market-as soon as they came out I laid hold of Gardner, she put her hand into her pocket and threw out a glove, and Randall threw away a paper, both of which contained counterfeit shillings and half crowns; on searching them, I found two half crowns and three bad shillings on Gardner; and a bad half crown and three bad shillings on Randall. The whole of the counterfeit money amounted to 2l. 5s. 6d. They had 7s. 6d. in good money on them.

MR. SEWELL. I am clerk to the solicitor of the Mint. The eight half crowns and sixteen shillings, are all counterfeit, and off the same die.



Confined Six Months .

London Jury, before Mr. Recorder.