Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 07 June 2020), October 1816, trial of DAVID CABELLOW THOMAS JONES (t18161030-81).

DAVID CABELLOW, THOMAS JONES, Theft > housebreaking, 30th October 1816.

1179. DAVID CABELLOW and THOMAS JONES were indicted for feloniously breaking and entering the dwelling-house of John Sandle , about the hour of six in the forenoon of the 21st of September , (Elizabeth, his wife being therein.) and for feloniously stealing, a gown, waistcoat, tea caddy, and other articles, his property .

JOHN SANDLE . On the 21st of September, I got up at about half past five in the morning, and came out and locked the door after me. I opened the window shutters, and put the key in at the window. I left my wife and family in the house. I then shut the window down, and shut the shutters to, and went to my employ.

ELIZABETH SANDLE . It was on the 21st of September that I was left in bed. I heard my husband go out. I heard some one open the window and take the key, and I called and said, is that you John, and no one answered. This was a lower room, and I was in the one pair, and they could hear what I said below stairs. I thought it had been my husband come back for something. They shut the windows and the shutters again as they had found it, and then they unlocked the door, and came in. The bundle of clothes was wrapped up ready for ironing; all the things except the gown and waistcoat, which were hanging up. The other things were wetted down ready for ironing, and wrapped up in a tablecloth. Hearing a neighbour answer, I thought it was not my husband; I then got out of bed, and come on to the stairs, and saw a man go out of doors; I saw his back; he had a bundle, with a tea caddy under his arm. He ran down the court, and I ran out of doors and called out I was robbed, naked as I was; a neighbour followed him down George-street, in his shirt, to the court where he was taken.

THOMAS FIELD . As I was going to work on the morning in question just before six. I saw one of prisoners with a bundle; that was the one who is on the right of David Cabellow; the other prisoner was walking with him; there was a person running after them I understood. I heard from him what was the matter; he told me one of the neighbours had lost his property. I told him where I saw the two prisoners go in; they had gone up an alley.

JOHN BLOCK . I heard her cry out, and she told me she had been robbed; I then got up undressed, and ran after him. I did not have any sight of the prisoner. I ran as far as George-street, and had no sight of them all the way. I met Vield, and he asked me what was the matter. He pointed out to me where they were gone; they were gone up the alley; I went up the alley; but could see no one at all. I came down again, and stopped at the end; I had not stopped there above two minutes before Jones, the shorter of the prisoners, came down, and asked me what was the matter; he went away out of the court entirely; I let him pass. I am certain he is the man. I did not know him before. I took such notice of him as to be able to swear to him.

- HART, I am a constable. I went into this court, in George-street, and seeing a man named Solomons at the door of one of the houses, I took him into custody. He was coming out and I met him at the door. I took him back into the room, and saw the property lying about the room, some on one table, and some on another. The property seemed laid out, as if for shew. Then Mr. Bar went up stairs and brought the prisoner Cabellow down, and he said, the property and Solomon was taken to the watchhouse together.

JOHN BARR corroborated what the last witness said.

SOLOMON SOLOMONS . Some things were found; but they were not in my house. Where I was taken, was a door off from my house. On the morning in question, I was called up by the prisoner Jones, and was taken to his room where he lived. There is an empty house between that and mine. When I came there, Jones was not there, but Cabellow was there. Then he asked me to buy some linen and things that were on the table. I attend sales, as well as buy clothes, and I told him I would not buy any thing of the kind, and I went out. Then I was taken into custody by Mr. Hart, the constable. The prisoner, Cabellow, had gone up stairs.


JONES, GUILTY - DEATH , aged 20.

Second Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Recorder.