Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 27 June 2022), October 1816, trial of JOHN WESTON (t18161030-13).

JOHN WESTON, Theft > theft from a specified place, 30th October 1816.

1110. JOHN WESTON was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 18th of October , a silver watch, chain and seals, value 40s. and upwards, the property of Elizabeth Harris , in the dwelling-house of William Balfour .

ELIZABETH HARRIS . I was servant in Mr. Balfour's family. I am not now. I now live at No. 13, George-street, Foley Place. On Tuesday evening last, I left Mr. Balfour's; I had only lived there six weeks. Mr. Balfour lives at No. 26, Wilpole-street ; I know the prisoner at the bar; I remember his coming to Mr. Balfour's house; he first came with the stewart of the West-Indiaman. I saw him twice after that. At one time he slept in the house; on the the 18th of October. Mr. Greenfield had told me that he was his brother; the way he came to sleep there was; that he had a long way to go home, and he should be glad of a bed. He slept in the attic story; I slept in the next room; I put my watch under my head when I went to bed. I rose the next morning, at half past seven o'clock; I looked at my watch to see what time it was, and I put it back under the bolster. The prisoner had no opportunity of seeing it there. The watch was concealed under the bolster, but the seal, key, and ribbon were not; any person coming into the room might see them; then I got up, I went down stairs, and I did not see the prisoner until a quarter past eight o'clock. when I was sweeping the drawing-room stairs. He said he thought it was very late; he went out of the house without his hat, and I went up stairs afterwards, is consequence of the manner in which he went out. I went up stairs in search of my watch, and it was gone. I am sure I had seen it at half past seven o'clock. The prisoner had not been in my room to my knowledge.

- BROWN. I am an officer belonging to Shadwell. I took the prisoner into custody; I found on him the duplicate of a watch, pawned for one pound ten shillings, and I found a purse with five pounds six shillings in money in it.

GEORGE GILES . I am shopman to Mr. Dunbar, a pawnbroker, in Skinner-street, Sommer's Town. On the 19th of October, I received a silver watch in pledge from the prisoner, and a gold seal; they were pawned for one pound ten shillings.

(Property produced and sworn to.)

Prisoner's Defence. I went to Mr. Balfour's on the day in the indictment, and I knocked at the gate, and I said I wished to see Richard, the black servant, and the other servant said he had gone out at the front door, and I asked him how he did; and he introduced me into the kitchen, and I asked him what o'clock it was, and he took out his watch and gave it me, and said "look, and you will see;" and he went and left me with the watch in my hand; and he came again in about half an hour; and in a short time this young woman came and sat down to supper, and they pressed me to stay and take a bed, and she said it must be aired, and we went up stairs, and she said about a quarter of an hour with me. In the morning I rose, and I thought it was between ten and eleven o'clock; it was so light, and I saw this watch, and I took it, and she told me to go down stairs and get my hat, and not finding it, I went through the kitchen, the way I came.

GUILTY - DEATH , aged 18.

Second Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Justice Dallas.