Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 10 December 2023), July 1814, trial of JOACHIM BOAS MOSES ROCHATZ (t18140706-26).

JOACHIM BOAS, MOSES ROCHATZ, Theft > grand larceny, 6th July 1814.

586. JOACHIM BOAS and MOSES ROCHATZ were indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 14th of June , seven pieces of cambric, value 15 l. the property of Thomas Ainsworth and Richard Ainsworth .

SECOND COUNT, for like offence, stating it to be in the dwelling-house of Richard Ainsworth .

RICHARD AINSWORTH . My christian name is Richard; my partner's name is Thomas; I have no other partner; me and my father are manufacturers of cambric muslin ; our manufactory is in the country; our warehouse is No. 1, Fetter-lane, in the parish of St. Peter, Westcheap, in the ward of Farringdon within ; the warehouse is the ground floor of the dwelling-house. I live there occasionally; my father does not. The servants of the firm sleep there; the rent is paid for out of the profits of the business. On the 14th of June, the two prisoners came to our warehouse about half past four in the afternoon, they wanted to look at cambric muslins; I could not understand them. I and my clerk, Mr. Barber, shewed them a great many; they wanted to look at more; we could not find any thing fine enough for them.

Q. How many pieces were taken down for them - A. A great many scores. They went away without buying, said, they would return with a broker. They seemed hurt that I could not understand what they said.

Q. How soon after they were gone, did you miss any thing - A. I went away immediately. I thought their manner old; but I did not see them take any thing.

THOMAS BARKER. I am clerk to Messrs. Ainsworths. I assisted in shewing the goods to the prisoners; during the time they were there, I did not see them take any of the goods. After they were gone, I assisted in putting up the goods again; I missed seven pieces of cambric muslin, of two different qualities.

Q. Were they part of what you had opened to shew the prisoners - A. They were.

Q. Between the time of their leaving you, and the time of making this discovery, had any other persons been there - A. No, there had not. In consequence of what I heard the next day, I went to Guildhall, and found them in custody, and then I went to Mr. Roberts, the Golden Fleece, Wine-court.

Q. Did you receive of Mr. Roberts any pieces of cambric - A. No; the officer did. I found there seven pieces that I had lost.

ROBERT ROBERTS . I keep the Golden Fleece, Wine-court, Fleet-street.

Q. Do you know the two prisoners - A. I have seen them a few times; they came for refreshment, and occasionally left goods with me.

Q. On the afternoon of the 14th of June, did they come to your house - A. On the 14th of June, they left a parcel with me; what time of day, I cannot tell. I afterwards shewed that parcel to Mr. Barker. They were together when they left it; they asked me to take care of the parcel until they called for it.

CHARLES MATTHEWS . I am a constable. I received of Mr. Roberts seven pieces of muslin on the 17th of June; they have been in my custody ever since. I produce them.

Q. to Barker. Look at these seven pieces - A. They are the property of Messrs. Ainsworths; I know them by the marks that are on them; I am positive to them all. That is precisely the number of pieces I lost; there are three six quarters wide, and four two-eighths yard wide. I am sure they are them that I shewed them.

Mr. Ainsworth. They are my goods, I am perfectly sure of it.

Boas's Defence. We met a person when we were out, we bought them; we into this public-house, and left them there.

Rochatz's Defence. The same.

BOAS, GUILTY - DEATH , aged 28.


London jury, before Mr. Recorder.