Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 10 December 2023), September 1812, trial of RALPH MANNING ELIZABETH DAVIS (t18120916-2).

RALPH MANNING, ELIZABETH DAVIS, Theft > theft from a specified place, 16th September 1812.

626. RALPH MANNING and ELIZABETH DAVIS were indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 19th of May , a counterpane, value 20 s. a pair of sheets, value 20 s. a tablecloth, value 2 s. a window-curtain, value 2 s. a candlestick, value 1 s. a rummer, value 8 d. a pair of decanters, value 3 s. a brush, value 1 s. a tea-spoon, value 2 s. the property of William Parry , in a lodging-room .

WILLIAM PARRY. I live at 23, Duke-street, Bloomsbury . My wife let the lodgings.

MRS. PARRY. I am the wife of William Parry . Ralph Manning took the lodgings of me on the last day of March. He was by himself. He had the front parlour, ready furnished, at twelve shillings a week. He brought Mrs. Davis with him.

Q. How long did they continue there - A. Seven weeks. I gave them a week's notice, and they went in pursuance of that notice.

Q. Have you since seen any part of your property - A. Yes; they sent part of it by strange people. Mr. Manning was gone out, and I pressed the woman prisoner to go out.


First Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Justice Bailey.