Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 08 December 2023), May 1812, trial of THOMAS COLLING (t18120513-7).

THOMAS COLLING, Theft > embezzlement, 13th May 1812.

435. THOMAS COLLING was indicted for that he, on the 12th of May , was servant and clerk to John Marshall , and employed and entrusted him to receive money for him, and being such servant so employed and entrusted did receive and take into his possession the sum of 9 l. 8 s. for and on account of his said master, and that he afterwards feloniously did embezzle, secrete, and steal the same .

The case was stated by Mr. Gurney.

JAMES STRANGE . I live at Hillingdon in the county of Wilts , I am a woollen and linen draper.

Q. Do you deal with Mr. Marshall in London - A. Yes.

Q. Did the prisoner call upon you from time to time as a rider on account of Mr. Marshall - A. Yes, on the 12th of May, 1811, I paid him the sum of nine pounds eight shillings, on account of Mr. Marshall, for gloves.

JOHN MARSHALL . I am a wholesale glover in London; the prisoner was my traveller and clerk, he was entrusted by me to receive money on my account.

Q. In the beginning of last year did he go out on a journey for you - A. Yes.

Q. Was he in the course of his journey to receive nine pounds eight shillings for you - A. Yes, he was to receive nine pounds nine shillings. I allowed him five shillings discount. He returned after he had been at Swindon.

Q. When he came from his journey he had to make up his account - A. Yes, he never accounted for that sum of nine pounds eight shillings. He never entered it as received in his book.

Q. How long was he at home with you before he went out another journey - A. Probably a week, or so on, he returned from that second journey, and went out on the western journey; he absconded from Andover; he wrote to me from Andover, the letter is dated 28th of September, 1811; in this letter he says that he shall be in London soon, in the course of a day or two. He did not return to London, he gave me no intimation that he had received it, nor is it entered in the book.

GUILTY , aged 22.

Judgment respited .

London Jury, before Mr. Recorder.