Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 03 June 2023), September 1810, trial of BENJAMIN LEE JOSEPH CHINNERY (t18100919-95).

BENJAMIN LEE, JOSEPH CHINNERY, Theft > grand larceny, 19th September 1810.

721. BENJAMIN LEE and JOSEPH CHINNERY were indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 1st of August , a pocket book, value 2 s. the property of Robert Jackson , from his person .

ROBERT JACKSON. I am a taylor , I live in Bond-street. I lost the pocket-book at Charing-cross , between twelve and one, on the 1st of August, I went to see the men in the pillory that day, I had been in the mob about five minutes, I was holding my hands upon my pockets, I had a silk handkerchief in one pocket, and a pocketbook in the other. I had my hat over my eyes, I put my hands up to raise my hat, it was rather tight; I lost both my pocketbook and handkerchief; the moment I felt in my pockets and found I had got nothing, I turned round and saw Humphreys had got hold of Lee; he was picking up my pocketbook. I assisted in taking Chinnery to the office.

CHARLES HUMPHREYS . I am an officer. On the first of August I went to Charing-cross for the purpose of apprehending pickpockets; I saw the two prisoners in company with another, I followed them into the crowd, they were following Mr. Jackson; after he had been in the crowd five minutes, the three persons surrounded him, they were all standing as close at they could behind him; I saw Lee make several attempts to take his pocketbook out; I saw Mr. Jackson put his hand to his pocket; after some time he took his hand away to move his hat, at the same time a coach came alongside of the pillory, to take the men out, Lee took hold of the pocketbook, I laid hold of him by the collar, and with the other hand I took hold of the book; the next witness was in company with me at the time, I desired him to lay hold of Chinnery;the other made off, before Lee drawed the pocketbook out of his pocket, Chinnery looked round at me, then I looked off; he then gave the other a touch of the arm, as much as to say, take it now. I knew their persons all three.

JOSEPH BECKITT . I was in company with Humphreys, I saw Chinnery and Lee in company, close to Mr. Jackson; Chinnery spoke to Lee, and Lee pointed down to Mr. Jackson's pocket; what he said, I cannot say; he had got his hand in his left pocket; just after that, a coach came up, Mr. Jackson moved rather to the right, Lee took the pocketbook at the time, Humphreys took hold of Lee, I took hold of Chinnery immediately; there was a third person in company with them. Humphreys picked up the pocketbook.

Lee's defence. I know nothing at all about it. I never see this young man before in my life.

Chinnery's defence. On the first of August I went to see the pillory the same as another person might go. I am innocent of any thing of the kind.

LEE, GUILTY , aged 15.


Transported for Seven Years .

Second Middlesex jury, before Mr. Recorder.