Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 10 December 2022), June 1808, trial of ISAAC ISRAEL (t18080601-13).

ISAAC ISRAEL, Theft > grand larceny, 1st June 1808.

377. ISAAC ISRAEL was indicted for feloniously stealing on the 11th of May , two pewter quart pots, value 2 s. the property of William Smith .

WILLIAM SMITH . I am a publican , I keep the sign of the Duke of Clarence, Hackney Road ; the prisoner was in my house on the 11th of May, about three or four hours; he went out about seven o'clock. I was standing in the bar, a woman called at the window and said there is a man gone out of your house with a pot under his coat; I followed him and stopped him, and told him he had got one of my pots he said yes; a quart pot he dropped a bag that he had under his arm, it was picked up, and another quart pot was taken out of it, which was my property.

Q. They were both your property - A. Yes.

Q. What did he say for himself - A. He wished to give me the pot and for me to say nothing about it.

Q. You say he had been four hours at your house, had he been drinking all the time - A. He might have had some beer; he was asleep part of the time, he appeared sober; I have known the man being in the neighbourhood some time.

Q. What is he - A. He buys clothes; he lives in a court in Hackney road; I served him with beer.

- SHRUBSALL. Q. You are a constable - A. Yes, I live in Hackney road; I was standing at the door, I saw Mr. Smith have hold of the prisoner; the prisoner had a bag, it was tied at the mouth of it; he dropped it at the door; I took the prisoner from Mr. Smith; a woman brought the bag to me; I opened the bag and took a quart pot out. I delivered the prisoner and the two pots to Vickery the officer at Worship street.

(The property produced and identified)

Prisoner's Defence. I hope you will consider my age, I am four score and two, I am a poor old man and as lame as a cricket; I was in liquor; he knows it fast enough; there was one gentleman, a butcher, gave me three half quarterns of gin.

SHRUBSALL. He was sober, he did not want to own the bag; he begged me not to say any thing about the bag; the other pot he said he was going to fetch some water in.

GUILTY , aged 82.

Confined One Month in Newgate , and Fined One Shilling .

Second Middlesex jury, before Mr. Recorder.