Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 05 August 2021), October 1806, trial of GEORGE COOPER , alias GEORGE REID SMITH (t18061029-50).

GEORGE COOPER, Deception > forgery, 29th October 1806.

608. GEORGE COOPER , alias GEORGE REID SMITH , was indicted for that he on the 25th of September feloniously did forge, falsely make, and counterfeited a certain order for payment of money, signed Messrs. Jones, Lloyd, Hulme and Co. bankers, Lothbury, London, for the payment of two thousand five hundred and sixty pounds, with intention to defraud Samuel Jones , William Jones , Lewis Lloyd , William Fox , Ardem Hulme , and Edward Lloyd .

Second count for uttering as true a'like order for payment of money, he knowing it to be forged, with the same intention, and

Two other counts for like offence, only ting it to be a warrant for the payment of money, lead of an order for the payment of money, with like intention.

The case was stated by Mr. Jones.

JAMES WOOD sworn. Examined by Mr. Jones. Q You are clerk in the house of Jones, Lloyd, Hulme, and Co. - A. I am teller; on Thursday the 25th of September I saw the prisoner; he produced a letter and shewed it to me; I found it was the same hand writing as that letter that came the day before.

Q. Is that the letter that he produced to you. - A. Yes, I believe it is; I took the letter to Mr. Hulme, and he came into the front office to the prisoner.

ARDEM HULME sworn. Examined by Mr. Jones. - Q. Are you one of the partners in the house at Manchester. - A. Yes.

Q. On the 25th of September, did you see the prisoner. - A. Yes; our clerk James Wood brought a letter to me, in consequence of that I found theprisoner in the office, I gave him the letter, and begged that he would write his name and address on it, he wrote his name on the letter, George Smith , London Coffee-house, the letter begins

SIR, - You will do me the favour to call upon Messrs. Jones, Lloyd, and Co. to receive two thousand five hundred and sixty pounds.

I told him that we had no order from the house at Manchester to pay the money; he expressed his disappointment, saying that he had fifteen thousand pounds in their hands, he said it would be very inconvenient to him, as he had made some engagements in Oxford road; I then asked him if he knew any body in the neighbourhood that could identify him, he said no, he was a stranger, having come from Brighton the day before. I told him it was impossible for me to let him have the money without he could bring some person to vouch the truth of what he said. I begged he would call again, when my partners would be in, I would keep open till near eight o'clock for him; he went away, leaving the letter he had produced in my possession.

LEWIS LLOYD sworn. Examined by Mr. Jones. Q. I believe it was on Friday morning you saw the prisoner. - A. Yes, on Friday the 26th I saw him near the gate of the entrance of our office; I went out to him and asked him if he was the person that applied to our office for some money the afternoon before, he said he was.

Court. Did you ever shew him the letter that you received on the 24th. - A. I did not, I told him I was sorry I was not at home the day before when he called; I asked him to walk in, which he did, I said it was a little extraordinary that our house had not apprised us of the money that he wanted, he said he was surprised at it, he had fifteen thousand pounds in their hands; he told me that he had written to them and they had sent him that letter.

Q. He did not produce to you any order. - A. No.


London Jury, before Lord Ellenborough.