Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 02 July 2022), October 1802, trial of ARMELL JONES (t18021027-76).

ARMELL JONES, Theft > grand larceny, 27th October 1802.

823. ARMELL JONES was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 14th of August , a saw-set, and eight dozen of brass saw-screws , the property of Joseph Howell .

JOSEPH HOWELL sworn. - I live at Chelsea , and am a saw-maker ; in consequence of suspicion, I went to the prisoner's house, and by his wife I saw the saw-set, which I knew to be my property; he turned his back to me, took up the saw-set, and carried it to the other end of the shop out of my sight, though he did not know I had seen it; after that I asked him if he had any screws; he said he had a sew small ones, which he shewed me; I said they are good screws, and if my man does not let me have some soon, I will get some of you; I left him; knowing they were mine, and went to the Police-Office, and got a search warrant; when I returned I opened the door, and said, Mr. Jones, I am come to see you twice in one day, but now I have a warrant; I looked over his bench, and he had returned the saw-set to the place; I told himhe must bring out the screws; he hesitated, but went and brought about a couple of gross of screws of a different make; I said they were not the same I had seen: he said he had no more; we opened a drawer, and I saw a paper with some screws in, which I knew to be mine: they are the same;(the officer produces the screws); I am enabled to say that they are different screws from what any body else used by the makes of them.

Cross-examined by Mr. Gurney. Q. You have sold saw-sets of different sorts? - A. Yes.

Q. Are you the only person who serves in your shop? - A. Me and my son; but that was stolen out of the window by my vise-bench.

Q. Are those screws of your own make? - A. No, they are made by one Watson, of Birmingham.

Q. Can you venture to swear that he only makes such for you? - A. I can shew his handwriting, where he says he does not.

Q. Cannot I in many shops get screws of this sort? - A. I rather think not; they are certainly my property; they are turned under as it is called; the saw-set is my own make, and is not such as are sold, it being figured, and is only used by sawmakers; I have no difficulty in swearing to it, because it is not finished.

WILLIAM HOWELL sworn. - I live with my father, at Chelsea, and can swear to the saw-set and to the screws; I gave a gross to a man to cut, and missed eight dozen and ten afterwards of them.

Mr. Gurney. Q. What is that man's name? - A. William Fisher ; he is not here; he is ashamed to come; I asked him to come, but he would not.

Prisoner. I leave my defence to my counsel.


First Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Common Serjeant.