Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 05 October 2022), September 1800, trial of WILLIAM RAYNER CHARLES MOREN (t18000917-29).

WILLIAM RAYNER, CHARLES MOREN, Theft > burglary, 17th September 1800.

616. WILLIAM RAYNER and CHARLES MOREN were indicted for breaking and entering the dwelling-house of John Anthony , about the hour of ten in the night of the 10th of April , with intent to steal, and burglariously stealing a cloth coat, value 20s. a pair of pantaloons; value 2s. a pocket handkerchief, value 6d. and a leather pocket-book, value 2d. the property of the said John; a coat, value 14s. and a pair of trowsers, value 1s. the property of Abraham Gole ; and a coat, value 14s. the property of a Chinese man called Awing .(The case was opened by Mr. Knowlys.)

- AWING being a foreigner, an interpreter was sworn. I am a Chinese man; I live in the house of Mr. Anthony, No. 4, Angel-gardens, Ratcliff-highway : The house was broke open on the 10th of April; I went to bed about nine o'clock, and got up about eleven o'clock to smoke a pipe, which I always do every night; I had locked the street-door and the parlour-door; I found the things gone.

Q. How did the doors appear to have been opened? - A. The lock had been forced; I missed two water great coats, such as we wear on the water, a pair of pantaloons, a coat, a pocket handkerchief, a leather pocket-book belonging to Mr. Anthony, a pair of trowsers belonging to Abraham Gole, and a coat of mine.

JOHN ANTHONY sworn. - I am employed by the India Company to take care of the lascars who come over here; I rent this house and employ Awing to take care of the house and of the men; he came to me about eleven o'clock on the 10th of April, and gave me the information; I have since seen a coat belonging to my brother-in-law.

JOHN COOK sworn. - I am an officer belonging to Shadwell office: In consequence of information I went to the house of Solomon Jacobs , where I found this great coat. (Produces it.)

SOLOMON JACOBS sworn. - In April last I lived in Fisher-alley, Petticoat-lane; I am a dealer in cloaths: The two prisoners, with Huff, the accomplice, and Soloman Robus, came to me on the 10th of April, about eleven at night, with three coats, and a pair of striped pantaloons, a pair of cotton trowsers, a white handkerchief, and a blue jacket; they asked me two guineas for them; I bought them for a guinea and a half; they were not all present, for when I came out to get change, I saw Rayner standing outside the door; I told him to go in, which he did, and when I came back he was in the shop; I put down the money upon the counter, I cannot say which took it up; the officers afterwards came to me, I recollected that I had sold one coat to a young man at Brentford, who was gone to Windsor; and I went to Windsor after it, and got it, and delivered it to the officers; this is the coat that I received from the prisoners.

ABRAHAM GOLE sworn. - Examined by Mr. Knowlys. I know this to be my coat by a mark in the sleeve and in the side, which I believe to be a scratch; I have no doubt of its being mine; I left it upon the bed in my brother-in-law's house, No. 4, Angel-gardens; the house is inhabited by Awing.

Awing. This is one of the coats that was lost from my house that night; it belongs to Abraham Gole .

Anthony. I know this coat perfectly well; I am sure it is my brother-in-law's coat.

ROBERT BROWN sworn. - Examined by Mr. Knowlys. I apprehended Rayner and Huff.

JOSEPH HUFF sworn. - I know the prisoners, I have been acquainted with them two or three years: On the 10th of April, about ten o'clock, we went to this house and pushed against the door, and the street-door came open; we all four of us pushed against it with our shoulders; then Rayner went into the entry and lifted up the latch of the outer door; Rayner then brought out a lappelled coat, two great coats, a pair of blue striped trowsers, and a pair of pantaloons; in one of the coat-pockets there was a pocket-book, which we threw into a ditch in the New Road; we took the things to Solomon Jacobs, and asked him two guineas for them, Robus and I and Moren went in, Rayner staid at the door; Jacobs gave us a guinea and a half for them; when the money was paid Rayner was in too, and we shared the money between us.

Rayner's defence. I am as innocent as the child unborn.

Moren's defence. Huff was tried at this bar in last-May sessions; and I have received a conditional pardon.

Court. If that is so, the better way will be to take a verdict of acquittal with respect to Moren.

Mr. Kirby. That certainly is so.

Rayner, GUILTY Death . (Aged 27.)


Tried by the first Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Justice LE BLANC.