Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 18 February 2019), June 1796, trial of THOMAS WOOD RICHARD GREENHOVE (t17960622-40).

THOMAS WOOD, RICHARD GREENHOVE, Theft > grand larceny, 22nd June 1796.

425. THOMAS WOOD and RICHARD GREENHOVE were indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 3d of June , a pair of silver shoe buckles, value 21s. the property of William Edwards .


On the 3d of June, about half past four in the afternoon, I went down into Bond-street , I had a shop sitting up there, I live in Conduit-street, Hanover-square, I am a silversmith ; I staid with the workmen about an hour and an half; as I was coming home, at the corner of Conduit-street, I saw the two boy s at the bar; I walked up the street at my leisure, not thinking they were doing any harm, till I came to the Prince of Wales's coffee-house, which is opposite my shop; the two prisoners walked off from the shop up the street when I came to my shop window, I saw that the window was cut, and two pair of silver buckles gone; there was a piece cut out of the window; I ran after them, and collared them both, and brought them into the shop; the prisoner, Greenhove, produced one pair of buckles, I had lost two; they were both searched by an officer from Marlborough-street, but there was nothing more found upon them; it was then about half past five o'clock, as near as I can tell.


I am servant to Mr. Edwards: On the 3d of June in the afternoon, I was sent out upon some business about four o'clock; upon my return between five and six, I saw a great number of people round the window.

Q. Were you in before your master? - A. Yes, I was; upon seeing a crowd round the window, I immediately ran off home, and enquired of Mrs. Edwards what was the matter, and she told me the prisoners at the bar had cut the window; the boys were both then in the shop; I asked Greenhove how he came by them, one pair of buckles had been taken from him before I came in; he said, that as he was passing by the window, he perceived it was cut, and the buckles dropped out; that he had picked them up, and given them to the prosecutor, Mr. Edwards; I then asked if they were brothers, or related to each other, and they said they knew nothing of each other.

Q. (To Mr. Edwards.) In what respect did these boys seem at all connected with each other? - A. They were close together, both their heads were contained within the compass of the square of glass, stooping with their hands very close to it.

Q. Upon searching them did you find any thing by which the glass could have been cut? - A. No; a piece of glass was cut out, just room for a pair of buckles.

Q. Was it of a regular uniform shape, as if it had been done with a diamond? - A. No; it had been eased out.

Q. Did they go away together? - A. Yes; in a close conversation.

Q. Did they run away? - A. No; they walked off.

Q. What is the value of the buckles? - A. One guinea.

Court. It appears to be more a consideration whatshall be done with those children, than as to their guilt or innocence; I am afraid you must say guilty, and I will endeavour to do something with them; there is a society would be very glad of them.

Mr. Kirby. They have been here before, my Lord, and have run away from the society.

Wood, GUILTY . (Aged 13.)

Greenhove, GUILTY. (Aged 14.)

Confined twelve months in the House of Correction , and fined 1s.

Tried by the first Middlesex Jury, before The LORD CHIEF BARON.