Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 02 June 2023), December 1791, trial of GEORGE BANKS ROBERT BARNES (t17911207-39).

GEORGE BANKS, ROBERT BARNES, Theft > grand larceny, 7th December 1791.

40. GEORGE BANKS and ROBERT BARNES were indicted for stealing, on the 1st of October , one wooden box, value 4 d. one hempen cord, value 2 d. one pair of linen sheets, value 15 s. eleven damask tablecloths, value 40 s. twenty-eight napkins, value 20 s. one cotton dressing-gown, value 5 s. three yards of dimity, value 2 s. and three yards of wrapper cloth, value 2 s. the property of George Wood .

(The witnesses examined separate.)

- MULLINER sworn.

I am the waggoner of the Newcastle and Litchfield waggon; George Wood is the proprietor; he has no partner; I remember driving that waggon the 26th of September; I took up the box, and had it booked, at Litchfield; it was directed for Mrs. Trubshaw,at Mr. Powis's, in Berner's-street, No. 28; I saw the box every day, coming along; the last time was at the Crown, at Holloway; I stopt there, and saw it safe; the waggon went on; Gadsden, the guard, drove the waggon on; I should know the box.


I am guard to the Newcastle and Litchfield waggon, and was so in September last; I remember the box in question, and should know it again, but am no scholar; as I got to the Pyed Bull, at Islington, a gentlewoman informed me my waggon was robbed, and I missed the box.


On the 1st of November, between three and four, the field next to where I live, the two prisoners were in there, and laid themselves flat on the bank; and the prisoner Banks, I saw him go down the bank, behind the waggon, into the road; the other man is not the other prisoner, but he went over the stile; I thought they were waiting for passengers in the waggon; I looked at him, and he looked at me; I saw him jump up and untie the string, and then get into the waggon; when he got out, he had nothing; he walked on a few yards, and took out a deal box, and some little parcel which dropped; he went down Chapel-street; I informed the waggoner; I should know the box as it appears, but I did not read the direction.


I am a labouring man; I lodge at the Pyed Bull; I remember the robbery, and pursued up Chapel-street; I saw three men going across the field, and one had this box on his right shoulder; I got into the same field; I was alone; I called to Mr. Saddington, the landlord, to follow; and they hearing me call, the man who had the box threw it down, and they all ran away; I know the prisoners are two of the men, but which had the box I do not know; the box was delivered by me to Mr. Kaye.


I keep the Pyed Bull; I pursued the two prisoners, and a person of the name of Hyson; I am sure of the prisoners; I took Barnes; the other was taken by a man not here, but he was delivered over to me; they were committed; there was nobody before the prisoners.


I am partner with Mr. Harris, at the Castle and Falcon; I received a box at Justice Triquet's office, and have kept it ever since; this is the box.

(The box deposed to.)

(The prisoner called one witness to his character.)


Transported for seven years .


Tried by the first Middlesex Jury before Mr. COMMON SERJEANT.