Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 02 December 2023), December 1791, trial of ROBERT TIRESMAN WILLIAM IZZY THOMAS WATMORE (t17911207-37).

ROBERT TIRESMAN, WILLIAM IZZY, THOMAS WATMORE, Theft > grand larceny, Theft > receiving, 7th December 1791.

38. ROBERT TIRESMAN and WILLIAM IZZY were indicted for stealing, on the 2d of November last, a wooden cask, value 5 s. and 36 gallons of yeast, value 16 s. the property of Felix Calvert , Robert Ladbroke , William Whitmore , Robert Calvert , and Charles Calvert : And THOMAS WATMORE was indicted for feloniously receiving the same, knowing it to be stolen .

(The case opened by Mr. Garrow.)

(The witnesses examined separate.)


I am a watchman of the ward of Aldgate; I have seen the prisoner Watmore once, and the other two a great many times; I was directed to watch the two first prisoners; about the beginning of November I saw them come through Aldgate High-street into Whitechapel, that is the road from Tooley-street to Petticoat-lane; they had a sledge with no wheels, and a barrel, and a tub like a half barrel; I spoke to John Jameson ; I did not go to Watmore's house; I went where they went to on the return along Fenchurch-street, Fish-street, over London-bridge, to Tooley-street, about half after four, when they returned, the place looked then like a brewhouse; I have since found it was a storehouse belonging to Messrs. Calvert and Co.; I observed they took a sledge and a barrel, nothing else; I observed a difference in the sound, that there was something in the barrels as they came towards Petticoat-lane, and empty when they returned; I took the prisoners the 19th of November, about four in the morning; the two first prisoners were coming again along with the sledge, and a barrel and tub upon it, as usual; I jumped across, and stopped the horse; Tiresman asked me what right I had to stop it; I told him I understood it was spirits or gin; he said, no, nothing but yeast from Mr. Calvert's; I said it was my duty to stop him; if he would go to the watch-house, we had officers that were looking after smugglers; he said, we will go back, and leave the sledge here; I said no, and they went with the sledge to the watch-house; they walked in; they saw no officers; I told them they would be there presently; with that, Tiresman says, we may as well shoot this barrel down here, and go for another turn, and by that time your officers will be come; I went and fetched the beadle, and the prisoner Tiresman shewed us a key of a storehouse, marked Rupert-street, Whitechapel; we told him he had better tell where he brought it from; he said, from Mr. Calvert's; the prisoners were secured; in the barrel there was yeast, and nothing in the tub, that I look upon to be a receiver; I did not go to Watmore after the 19th.


I am a watchman in Aldgate High-street; I remember, the beginning of November, seeing the two first prisoners with a sledge; they went into Boar's-head court, Petticoat-lane; they came out about a quarter of an hour; I did not like to go into the court, it is a very bad place; Mr. Watmore lives in the court, but I do not know the house, or the number; they came back again with an empty cask, because it rumbled and tumbled on the sledge, and before it was solid and steady.


I am the constable of the night; I was in bed; I took the charge; they had a cask of yeast, containing 36 gallons, which they said they brought from Calvert's.


I am a constable; I went to a house in Petticoat-lane, where Flood lives, in Boar's-head yard, the 19th of November; Flood works for Watmore; I saw Watmore and Flood at Mr. Flood's, putting a cask down a cellar; I took no notice; I went and fetched Mr. Read, and we went back and found the same cask in the cellar; nothing else was in the cellar but the cask.


I am storehouse-clerk to Messrs. Calvert and Co. the prisoner Tiresman and Izzy's business was to carry yeast; the value of a cask of yeast is 16 s.; they had no business to carry it to Rupert-street, but to Thames-street; seven in the morning is time enough;they certainly had no orders to carry any on the 7th or 8th, or on the 19th; I went to Flood's house, and saw a cask in the cellar; it is the property of Messrs. Calvert and Co.; we sell none of that kind; one and has Felix Calvert and Co.; the value of it is 5 s.


I am an attorney. (Deposed to the firm.)

(The two first prisoners called seven witnesses, and the last prisoner called eleven witnesses, who gave them very good characters.)



Transported for seven years .


Tried by the second Middlesex Jury before Mr. Baron PERRYN.