Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 07 December 2021), September 1788, trial of ELIZABETH CARTER MARY CHAMBERS (t17880910-111).

ELIZABETH CARTER, MARY CHAMBERS, Theft > grand larceny, 10th September 1788.

570. ELIZABETH CARTER and MARY CHAMBERS were indicted for stealing, on the 8th of July last, one silver watch, value 40 s. a steel watch chain, value 12 d. a steel key, value 4 d. a linen handkerchief, value 12 d. and two guineas and 5 s. in monies , the property of Thomas Jones .


On the 8th of July; I was then out of place; I am a gentleman's servant ; I went into some company that morning, and I got a little liquor; and in the evening I lighted on these young women in Oxford-street, or thereabouts; it might be eleven or twelve; I cannot rightly tell; there were three or four at least, women in the room; I told them to go away; they asked me which I would choose; and I chose Elizabeth Carter , the least of the two; the others went out of the room; and I undressed myself; and I pulled off my breeches, and laid them under the bolster; where I thought they were safe under my head as I thought; and I fastenedthe door after that; and when I came back from fastening the door, the prisoner, Carter, was in bed, just in the side where I had put my breeches, where I thought to lay myself; I spoke to her, and asked her, if she would not choose the other side, and she said, no, and I said, I did not care which side; and I put out the candle at a small distance from the bed; then I went into bed, and we lay together, I suppose, for ten minutes; and there was a tapping at the room door, two or three times; and she called, and asked what they wanted; she did not get up then directly, but lay, I suppose, five minutes longer, and there was a tapping again at the door; then she got up, as I thought, to know what they wanted; and she went to the door; and I lay then in bed alone, all in the dark, and I heard some whispering at the door, when she opened the door; and I thought of my breeches, and they were gone; and I immediately called out, I was robbed, as hard as I could; I halloo'd out, two or three times, that I was robbed; and very soon after, I called out watch; and then there was a bit of a light, and some girl, or woman, came to the room door, and threw my breeches on the bed; and after that, the watchman came up; and I told him, I had been robbed of all my money and my watch; he helped me on with my cloaths; we went into the other room; there were two men in bed; and one man and woman were in bed; and we turned up the bed, and there lay my pocket handkerchief; and the watchman took it; and he put his stick under the bed, and drew out a little wooden box with a guinea in it, and some silver; the girl that had been with me was not there; a woman took us to No. 6, in Church-lane; and my watch was found at the watch-house, where the prisoners both were.

You was very much in liquor when you went with this woman? - Yes.

Can you say, whether Elizabeth Carter was the girl that you went to bed with? - I am sure of that.

Was the other girl in the room at that time? - No; not when I went to bed, she was before; I am sure I had my property when I went in.


A watchman, and confirmed the last witness, and saw the prisoner, Carter, come out of the house, with nothing on but her bed-gown, just before the prosecutor called him up; and a girl went with him and the prosecutor where she two prisoners were in bed; and Chambers took out a pocket from under the bolster, and the watch was in it; she thought to put it under the bed cloaths, and the other watchman took it.

(The watch produced and deposed to.)

To Prosecutor. Are you sure you had the watch after you went to bed with the little girl? - Yes, I am sure of that, after the other women went out of the room.


The Prosecutor gave me the watch till morning, and in an hour he demanded it; I went out directly, and met this other prisoner, and gave the watch to her; and I went to her lodgings in Church-lane.


Transported for seven years .


Tried by the first Middlesex Jury before Mr. RECORDER.