Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 01 April 2023), September 1783, trial of RICHARD PARTRIDGE (t17830910-19).

RICHARD PARTRIDGE, Miscellaneous > returning from transportation, 10th September 1783.

614. RICHARD PARTRIDGE was indicted for returning from transportation, and being found at large, on the 1st of September last, without any lawful cause .

(The Record read as before.)

JOHN OWEN sworn.

I recollect the prisoner being here before, in April, 1783.

He was then convicted in this Court, under the Record that has just been read? - Yes.

Is he the same man? - Yes.


I apprehended the prisoner at Tunbridge.

Did he make any resistance? - No.

He surrendered himself very peaceably and quietly? - Very peaceably.


I remember this man.

What was his behaviour? - His behaviour was well enough, as far as I saw.

He was not remarkably active, was he? - Not as I know.

Prisoner. I leave myself to the mercy of the Court.

GUILTY Death .

[Pardon on condition of Transportation. See summary.]