Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 18 February 2019), April 1781, trial of CHARLOTTE WARE (t17810425-68).

CHARLOTTE WARE, Theft > shoplifting, 25th April 1781.

264. CHARLOTTE WARE was indicted for stealing five pieces of silk ribband, value 50 s. the property of William Starzaker , privily, in the shop of the said William , February 27th .


I am a stay-maker . The prisoner came to my shop on the 27th of February last. I was called down stairs: my wife was run out in pursuit of the prisoner; she and some of the neighbours brought the prisoner back to my shop. I searched her myself; I found a piece of ribband under her arm, and another in her bosom: the black ribband is my property, and the yellow one is not.


I am a millener. The prisoner and another woman came into my shop on the 27th of February, under pretence of buying ribbands: while she was looking at the ribband, some other people came in; I served them, and turned again to the prisoner; they both staid in the shop about ten minutes. When they were got about two doors, I missed the ribbands; I called my husband down, and ran after the prisoner; I overtook her in a passage facing the Five Bells Tavern: my shop is at the end of the New Church in the Strand. I got up with the other woman, but she struck me on the breast, and got away: I got assistance, and brought the prisoner back; I saw her searched, and the two pieces of ribband taken from her.

What is that piece of black ribband worth? - About nine shillings.


The other young woman asked me to go along with her to buy a yard of ribband; I went into this shop with her; the lady and she could not agree: when we came out, and had got a few yards, the lady called out she had been robbed; the young woman put these pieces of ribband into my hand; I did not know where she got them.

GUILTY of stealing to the value of 10 d.

Tried by the Second Middlesex Jury, before Mr. RECORDER.

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