Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 07 October 2022), October 1780, trial of CATHERINE SNELTON (t17801018-20).

CATHERINE SNELTON, Theft > grand larceny, 18th October 1780.

581. CATHERINE SNELTON was indicted for stealing two guineas and an half-guinea in monies, numbered, and a canvass bag, value 1 d. the property of George Scott , October 13th .


I am Ostler at the Grey Hound-Inn, Smithfield. On last Friday night I met with the prisoner at the sign of the Boot, in Newton-street, Holbourn; an acquaintance of mine was going into the country on Friday night; he asked me to walk with him to the White Horse, Piccadilly. I stayed late there; as I came home I went into this publick-house, drank a pint of beer, and asked a man if he could recommend me to a lodging; the prisoner heard me inquire and said she could help me to one. I took out my purse, changed half a guinea at the bar and went out at the back door about seven or eight yards with the prisoner to her house. I paid her for my bed; I went to bed; I put my breeches on the bed; she came in for the candle. I got out of bed and went towards the door after her; she pulled the door too and fastened it on me. I got the door open. I could not find her. I put on my clothes and went home. I went up to the Boot on Saturday, she came in while I was there; I tapped her on the shoulder and said she was the woman I wanted. She asked what did I want with her? I said she need not make herself strange about it; had she got any of the money left or had she spent it all? She said she had no money, and denied ever having it; I saw all the money after I was in the room.

Are you sure the prisoner is the same woman? - Yes, very sure.


I am an unfortunate girl of the town. I was standing in the street; he came by very much in liquor; he asked me for a lodging. I said he might have part of mine, what would he give me for the lodging? He said two shillings. I went out for a pint of beer; the door was on the latch; when I came back he was gone; he dined with me afterwards on Saturday, and drank with me at night.

To the prosecutor. Did you ever recover your breeches again? - Yes; I found them in the room towards the door.

Did you dine with her on Saturday, and drink with her in the evening? - No.


Tried by the Second Middlesex Jury before Justice HEATH.