Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 27 February 2021), April 1776, trial of DANIEL GREENWOOD (t17760417-34).

DANIEL GREENWOOD, Theft > theft from a specified place, 17th April 1776.

331. DANIEL GREENWOOD was indicted for stealing 180 guineas, the property of Robert Whitehead , in the dwelling-house of the said Robert , April 4th .


I live at East Smithfield ; I keep a great eating-house there: upon the 4th of April 1775, I had some money stolen out of my room in the following manner: I had 180 guineas wrapped up in a woman's glove, which was locked up in a small chest in my bed-chamber up two pair of stairs; the bed-chamber door was locked and so was the chest; I had seen the money safe that very day; I missed it between one and two at noon; I then found my chamber door open, upon an information of one of my servants, who appeared at Hicks's-hall last September, but some means have been used to prevail with her not to appear afterwards, and she has not been forthcoming since; upon the information that she gave me and my wife, we went up stairs and found the room door open; the lock was not broke, but had been opened by a false key; the chest lay upon the middle of the floor upon the side the money was taken out, and the lock broke off; the prisoner, and another person with him, dined at my house that day; they went into a back room up one pair of stairs and staid there three quarters of an hour; the prisoner had no victuals there, but the other had: I knew nothing of these persons, having never seen them but once before till Friday the 28th of August last, when the prisoner came to my house in custody of some of the justices men, and he informed me of the robbery; he had been induced to make the information before the justices against his accomplices, because they had used him ill; on Wednesday I went with him to the Rotation-office in Litchfield-street, there I saw the accomplice he accused; I am sure the witness is the same man that was with the prisoner in my room on the 4th of April: the prisoner was admitted an evidence there, but when it came here for trial at the September sessions, then the prisoner, who had been upon that account admitted an evidence, absconded, and the trial was obliged to be put off on account of his absence; the justice only took his security for his appearance; the trial was put off till the October sessions, and then the prisoner was discharged. There were no more but these people in the back room that day; there were some company in the front room: the chest stood in a corner of my room. When I talked with the prisoner about the particulars, he told me the exact quantity of money that was in this chest, how it was hid in a glove, and the manner in which it was broke open, and every other particular relating to it.


I am a servant of the prosecutor; the prisoner and another person dined in that room up one pair of stairs, the 4th of last April; they would not dine in the fore room, because there was more company there; in about a quarter of an hour after they had thus called for their dinner, I went up and took particular notice at that time that the prisoner at the bar was missing; he was not in the room; I did not mention that at the time, because I had no suspicion of them; in about a quarter of an hour after they both came down stairs together, after having staid three quarters of an hour in the house: they were not constant customers, but they had been there the day before; another fellow-servant, whose name was Molly, discovered it first; she was at Hicks's-hall last summer, but she was prevailed upon by some means or other not to make her appearance after the first day.


went voluntarily before the justice to make this confession, and was bound in a recognizance of 40 l.

GUILTY . Death .

Tried by the Second Middlesex Jury before Mr. Justice BLACKSTONE.