Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 30 September 2022), June 1772, trial of ELIZABETH JONES (t17720603-14).

ELIZABETH JONES, Theft > grand larceny, 3rd June 1772.

436. (1st. M.) ELIZABETH JONES was indicted for stealing a Morocco pocket-book, with a silver lock, value 5 s. a knife, value 1 s. a pair of steel scissars, value 2 d. a pair of tweezers, value 2 d. a pencil, with a silver top, value 2 d. and a piece of asses skin, value 2 d. the property of - Berryman . May 27 . *

Mariana Christian . Berryman is my husband; I lost a pocket-book out of my shop; I live in Old Bond street ; I am a stationer; my husband is abroad; I lost it on the 27th of May, it was a red Morocco pocket-book; it was in the evening the prisoner came in for a half-penny-worth of cartouch-paper, when she went out of the shop, Mr. Baker asked me if I missed any thing; I turned my head and missed that pocket-book; then Mr. Baker went after her, and brought her back directly, with the book.

James Baker . I live in Husband-street; I was at Mrs. Christian's on the 27th of May in the evening; she desired me to come to put a bedstead up; just as I came in, the prisoner came in for a halfpenny-worth of cartouch paper; Mrs. Christian desired me to light a candle, which I did; while she was serving her, I saw the prisoner take this book from the window; I could not tell then what it was, but I saw her take it; I asked Mrs. Christian to look in that window to see if she missed any thing; then she said, God bless me! yes; run after her.

Q. Did she say what she missed?

Baker. No; I run out of the door; I had my eye on the girl; she was running across Piccadilly, about forty yards on the other side Bond-street, towards the Hay-market; I laid hold of her, and said pray give me what you took out of that window just now; I put my hand under her cloak, and took the pocket-book from her; I brought her back to the shop; there she fell a crying, and desired to be let go for that time; she said she never did such a thing before.

Prisoner's Defence.

I went into the shop for a halfpenny-worth of cartouch-paper; the man came and laid hold of me, and said I had stole the pocket-book; when he came back he found it in the shop; I never had it in my hand.

Guilty. 10 d. T .