Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 24 February 2019), January 1767, trial of Thomas Bourke , otherwise Carre (t17670115-10).

Thomas Bourke, Theft > grand larceny, 15th January 1767.

95. (M.) Thomas Bourke , otherwise Carre , was indicted for stealing three cloth coats, value 3 l. one cloth waistcoat, value 10 s. two cloth coats laced with gold, value 10 l. two silk waistcoats laced with gold, value 5 l. three pair of cloth breeches, one silver-hilted sword, one silk belt, three pistols, and four linen shirts , the property of Timothy Carre , Esq ; Jan. 1 . +

Richard Haselby . I am servant to colonel Carre. On the 16th of October the prisoner came into his service; he ran away upon New-year's-day in the morning; the things mentioned in the indictment were missing; he was secured by a butcher in Carnaby-market on the Monday following; I went with his wife and the constable to his lodgings, near Swallow-street; there we found two shirts, two coats, and a pistol, the property of the colonel.

Edward Lydard . I am a constable. On the 4th of this instant, about six in the afternoon, I heard the noise of a mob of people coming by my door; I looked out and saw a pistol in a man's hand; I asked what was the matter; they said they had taken a highwayman; I took him to Justice Wright's; he examined him; he asked him what his name was; he said, Thomas Bourke ; the Justice asked him who he lived with; he said with one 'Squire Bourke, an Irishman; the Justice asked him if he was any relation, and how long he had lived with him; he said he was related, and had lived with him ever since he was five years old, and had never been in England before; that he came from Ireland to Bath, and from thence to Ware, then to London, and had not been in London above eight or ten days, he was booted and spurred; the Justice asked him what he did with boots and spurs on; he said he had rode his master's horse from Ware; I searched him, and found a handkerchief in one of his coat pockets, and a key of a room in the other, and in his left-hand waistcoat pocket a shilling; I gave him the handkerchief and shilling again, and asked him what key that was; he said it was the key of his master's clothes chest: he was committed to the Gatehouse; his wife went there; I went with her to his apartment and found some shirts and a loaded pistol; at first he said he had no friends in London; he had this laced waistcoat on his back; ( produced in court, deposed to as the colcxel's property by Haselby.)

John Collier . I am a pawnbroker in St. James's; the prisoner pawned a laced coat, waistcoat, and breeches with me, at three different times; (produced and deposed to by Haselby.)

John Riley . I am a pawnbroker; the prisoner pawned this silver-hilted sword with me; and this coat I stopped when he came to offer it; (produced and deposed to by Haselby.)

Prisoner's defence.

At the time I took these things I wanted a little money; I thought to get them again as soon as my wages raised to the money.

Guilty . T .