Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 28 November 2023), October 1763, trial of John Dean (t17631019-15).

John Dean, Deception > fraud, 19th October 1763.

476. (L.) John Dean was indicted for assuming the name and character of Thomas Bond . with intent to receive his wages due to him for service done on board his Majesty's ship the Tyger , Sept. 17 . ++

James Habbord , Esq; I am principle clerk to the treasurer of the navy; there is wages due to Thomas Bond for 95 months and 3 weeks; on the 17th of last month the prisoner came in the name of, and as Thomas Bond , of the ship Tyger: We asked him his name, he said it was Thomas Bond , and answered all the questions we usually ask, as how long he had served on board, when entered, who was mustered before him, and the like, very exactly.

Q. How came you to know he was not the person?

Hubbord. I had a note sent me in the morning, that such a person would apply for the wages of Thomas Bond , and that his right name was John Dean , that put us upon our guard; then that ship was call'd next, in order to detect him, a constable was sent for and he was apprehended immediately; he was asked if he knew one John Dean , he said, yes, there was one John Dean on board, and I think he said he had a lame thumb; he was told his name was John Dean , he did not deny it, but said he came to receive the wages of Thomas Bond by letter of attorney, and felt in his pocket but produced none, then he said he had left it behind him.

Prisoner. I left the power of attorney on board the Elizabeth, that I had of Thomas Bond three days before he died, I ran away from her at Madrass.

Hubbord. John Dean , that served on board the Tyger, which appeared to be the prisoner, was discharged the same day Bond was, and his wages is now due to him.

George Wilson . The prisoner applied to me to sell some wages due to him on board the Drake Indiaman . I bought it of him; after that he apply'd to me to see if I could get his money for the Tyger; when he went into the office he went in the name of Thomas Bond ; I took him into a house in Broad-street, and asked him the meaning of his changing his name to Bond, he said he had ran away from the man of war, fearing to be whipp'd from ship to ship, on which account he alter'd his name: I gave him all the advice I could, and said it would be great danger to him if it was not true; I found one of the men that was in the Tyger with him, he knew him to be John Dean , he is here.

Q. When he told you his name was Bond, did he tell you what he intended to do?

Wilson. No, not a word, he said his name was Thomas Bond , and there was a great deal of money due to him, about seven years wages.

Hugh Carr . I did belong to the Tyger man of war seven years and odd months.

Q. Do you know the prisoner?

Carr. Yes, he did belong to the Tyger.

Q. What name did he go by on board?

Carr. He went by the name of John Dean ; he was not there above half the time or quite so much as I was on board.

Q. Did he go by any other name than that of John Dean ?

Carr. No, he did not.

Q. Did you know Thomas Bond on board?

Carr. I did very well, he went out of England in the Tyger.

Q. Did he serve on board the time John Dean did?

Carr. He did.

Q. Where is he now?

Carr. I think he is now in India.

Prisoner's Defence.

I sold Mr. Wilson my Indiaman's wages; he told me I might get the man of war's money very easily; he offered me an hundred guineas, I would not comply to it, for all that was due both in my own name and that of Thomas Bond ; after he found I would not comply, he told me, if I went after it, I should get myself into trouble. The day after I went to Broad-street, in order to receive it, Mr. Wilson came there and swore, I was taking money in another man's name, and I was immediately apprehended; I told him, I had a power of attorney, and when I came from on board at Madrass, I left it on board.

Q. to Wilson. Did he mention his having a power of attorney from Thomas Bond ?

Wilson. No, he did not to me, neither did he converse with me about wages.

Guilty . Death .