Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 30 November 2022), October 1759, trial of Mary Gibson (t17591024-22).

Mary Gibson, Theft > pocketpicking, 24th October 1759.

321. (M.) Mary Gibson , spinster , was indicted for stealing one silver watch, value thirty shillings, the property of Thomas Fenlason , privately and secretly from his person September 19 . +

Thomas Fenlason . On a Wednesday at night; about three weeks ago; about ten o'clock; I was in liquor in Hedge-lane; going home to my master's house, I was drawn in by this girl at the bar.

Q. How drawn in?

Fenlason. She laid hold on my arm, and I went into a house with her; there was only she, and she drawed me into a room.

Q. What house was it?

Fenlason. I do not know the name of the people of the house.

Q. Did you know the prisoner before?

Fenlason. I never saw her before; I went to my place but on the Wednesday, and this was the Saturday following.

Q. Was there a light in the room?

Fenlason. There was.

Q. When had you seen your watch before you went into that room ?

Fenlason. I was at Temble-Bar along with some people drinking just before, and I had my watch then; and I am sure I had it in my pocket when I went into the house with the prisoner.

Q. Do you remember her taking it from you?

Fenlason. I remember her hand being in my pocket; but do not remember her taking it out.

Q. What time did you miss it?

Fenlason. I miss'd it the next morning.

Q. Have you found it again?

Fenlason. It was stopp'd at Little Turn-Stile, Holborne, by William Reynolds , a Pawnbroker.

William Reynolds . I live at Little-Turn-Stile. On the 12th of September the woman at the bar offered this watch to pledge to me. Producing a silver watch.

Prosecutor. This is my watch, and what I lost that night.

Q. What do you know it by?

Prosecutor. I know it by the maker's name and No. and by the ribbon.

Q. What is the No.?

Prosecutor. It is No. 605.

Prisoner's defence.

I found it on the top of the bed, and I did not know whose it was. I carried it to the Pawnbroker. He did not stop me, but he did the watch, and when I found that it was stopp'd, I went to the prosecutor and told him of it, and he went along with me to the Pawnbroker.

Q. to Prosecutor. Did the prisoner let you know where the watch was?

Prosecutor. She sent me word where it was, before I took her up.

Acquitted .