Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 01 February 2023), June 1758, trial of William Benisford (t17580628-28).

William Benisford, Deception > fraud, 28th June 1758.

247. (L.) William Benisford was indicted, for that he did by false pretences obtain of John Parry eight shillings, with intent to cheat the said John of the same , May 19 . +

John Parry . I keep the Salutation tavern in Budge-row , the prisoner came to me on the 19th of May, and said he wanted five dozen of wine for Mr. Hall and Cruchfield , three Lisbon, and two Port.

Q. Do you know either of them?

Parry. Mr. Cruchfield belongs to a club at my house, Mr. Hall I do not know, the prisoner gave me the order, and I gave him a glass of wine, he bid me get a bill ready wrote for the wine and bottles, but said he should bring the hamper back again.

Q. Did you prepare the bills?

Parry. I did, and charged for bottles and wine. He said he would go and get a cart from Bartholomew-close, and come and take it away. He was gone not a quarter of an hour, and came back again, and said he wanted six or seven shillings to give Mr. Jefford change, at the Blue-Boar in Cannon-street. I opened the till, and gave him 8 s. After I found he did not come according to his time, I went to Mr. Jefford to know if any such person called there. I was informed no such person had been there. Since that, I was coming down Holbourn, there I saw a mob of people, in the midst of whom I saw the prisoner, he was taken up for defrauding another vintner. I asked him if he did not remember his coming to me with such a pretence, and his getting 8 s. of me; he owned that he had the money, but said he did not rob me of it.

Prisoner. I shew'd him no paper; I ask'd him to lend me 8 s. and he lent it me.

Parry. He came with a paper when he gave me the order.

Q. Did you know him before ?

Parry. I never saw him before that time to my knowledge? that order I found to be entirely false.

Prisoner's defence.

I have no friend within one hundred and forty miles of this place; I only borrow'd the money, and he lent it me out of his pocket. I once was coachman to this Mr. Hall, but have been out of place about a year and a half. Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]