Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 02 June 2023), April 1751, trial of Mary Dunslow (t17510417-23).

Mary Dunslow, Theft > grand larceny, 17th April 1751.

285. (M.) Mary Dunslow , Spinster , was indicted for stealing one silver watch, value 20 s. one gold ring with one ruby, and two diamonds in the same, one pair of silver shoe buckles, a mother of pearl patch box , the goods of Richard Marshal , April 12 . *

Richard Marshal. The prisoner lived servant with me; on the 12th of this instant I had some business at Westminster, I went from home about 10 o'clock, I made haste home; then I found my room door burst open, I missed a silver watch, a small diamond ring with the rim gold, a mother of pearl patch box rim'd with silver, a pair of silver shoe buckles, the chases were iron, this was about twelve that night: my servant and son told me there was a man in bed with the maid in the kitchen, the kitchen is backwards where she used to lie; then I went to the watch-house for assistance, and Mr. Colgrave the constable of the night, and two watchmen came with me. I ordered my servant to knock at the kitchen door, and tell the prisoner we wanted some plates out of the kitchen; she opened the door and we burst in; I took the man in bed and charged the constable with him. I asked the girl some questions. When I got them to the watch-house, she would not give me any account of the things. I took her to a little place backwards in the watchhouse, then she said if I would discharge the man she would tell me where the things were. I went back with her home, she took me backwards, and in the necessary house she had wrapp'd the things mentioned up in rags, and tuck'd them in a hole under the stairs, which go up over the necessary.

Prisoner. I have nothing to say, Guilty . ||

|| See No. 206, in the last Sessions paper.

[Transportation. See summary.]