Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 18 February 2019), January 1747, trial of Mary Bird (t17470116-39).

Mary Bird, Theft > other, 16th January 1747.

117. Mary Bird was indicted for stealing one Pair of Dog-Irons , the Goods of Samuel Jay of London-Wall, the 13th of January .

Q. to Ann Jay . Do you know the Prisoner at the Bar, Mary Bird ?

Jay. I never saw her in my Life before she had my Irons.

Q. Where do you live?

Jay . At London-Wall .

Q. What was it she took from you?

Jay . A Pair of Irons the 13th of this Month.

Q. What Time?

Jay . Between five and six o'Clock; I did not see her take them, but here is one that did; she had them under her Apron.

Q. How came you to find them upon the Prisoner?

Jay . Because Mr Cooper saw her go out, and he told me there was a strange Woman gone out of the House with a Pair of Dog-Irons, I went after her and found she had them .

Q. to John Cooper . What have you to say against the Prisoner at the Bar?

Cooper. I lodge at Mr Jay's, I was going up to my Lodgings, and I met this Woman in the Entry with the Irons in her Hands.

Q. When did you meet her?

Cooper . Last Tuesday the 13th of this Month, she walked apace in the Entry, and went out of the Door.

Q. How far was she off the House when she was taken?

Cooper. About thirty or forty Yards.

Q. Was Mrs Jay with you?

Cooper. She came up when I had stopped her.

The Prisoner said in her Defence, that they were given to her at the Corner of the Entry by another Person.

Acquitted .