Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 23 February 2019), January 1747, trial of Ann Jones (t17470116-38).

Ann Jones, Theft > shoplifting, 16th January 1747.

116. Ann Jones was indicted for stealing two Pair of Worsted Stockings , the Goods and Chattels of Elizabeth Taylor of Great Turn-stile , December 24 .

Q. to William Barnes . What have you to say against the Prisoner at the Bar?

Barnes. The Prisoner at the Bar came into the Shop of Mrs Elizabeth Taylor in Great Turn-stile .

Q. What Shop does she keep?

Barnes . A Hosier's Shop; the Prisoner came into the Shop with another Woman along with her, they asked for a Pair of Worsted Stockings with long Clocks.

Q. Did you show any Stockings?

Barnes . I pulled out several Papers, but could not find any that would do.

Q. What Time of the Day was this?

Barnes . Between one and two the 24th of December; when Mrs Taylor came, she pulled down several Papers, but there were none that she wanted; her Accomplice, she pitched upon a Couple of Pair, she said she would have a Couple of Pair if Mrs Taylor and she could agree; the Prisoner at the Bar I took particular Notice of her, she took up first one Pair, then another; I did not mind her Accomplice cheapening Stockings, but I see her double two Pair up, and put them under her right Arm, she had a Cloak on.

Q. Did she agree for any Price for them?

Barnes . She did not ask any Price at all, I said nothing to her; after she had got them, she came close to the other Woman, Well, says she, if the Gentlewoman cannot take your Money, we must have them elsewhere; we must have two Pair of Stockings and a Silk Handkerchief to carry on board a Ship to Night; upon which the other Woman took no Notice of what she said, but stood talking with Mrs Taylor, I let her go I believe an hundred Yards, I kept within a Yard of her, I says, I believe you have got something that is not your own, you have got two Pair of Stockings; says the Prisoner at the Bar, then take them, I took one Pair.

Q. Did you know that to be Mrs Taylor's Property?

Barnes. I believe them to be Mrs Taylor's Property. I brought her back to the Door, and she dropped the other there.

Q. Had you taken that one Pair before the other Woman came up to you?

Barnes . Yes, Sir.

Court to the Prisoner. What have you to say?

The Prisoner in her Defence said the other Woman that was with her in the Shop cheapening Stockings, came up to her in the Street, and she asked her whether she had got them, and she told her, yes, with that Barnes, the Evidence, took them out of her Hand.

Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]