Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 18 February 2019), February 1746, trial of Mary Dawson Mary Goodman (t17460226-31).

Mary Dawson, Mary Goodman, Theft > grand larceny, 26th February 1746.

120, 121. Mary Dawson and Mary Goodman were indicted for stealing two pair of Stockings , value 4 s. the Property of George Pearson , on the 22d of February .

Pearson. I lost a pair of Stockings about Two o'Clock, the 22d of February, from my Shop in Chiswell-Street .

Q. What have you to say against either of the Prisoners ?

Pearson. Please you, my Lord, two Women came to my Shop in order to buy Stockings, as they pretended .

Q. Did they come together?

Pearson. Yes.

Q. What then?

Pearson. They cheapen'd some Stockings. They wanted some green Stockings with red Clocks. They told me they wanted something more ordinary. My Servant brought some, but they would not give so much for them; A Person had been there before and gave but so much. My Wife, as they seem'd to be poor Girls, desir'd they might have them. The little Girl would not give so much as 22 d. for them, which was their own Price. I bid them get them gone, they did not come to buy. A Neighbour came to me, and said, please to examine your Stockings, whether you have not lost any. There were two Dozen upon the Compter. I examin'd the Stockings, and there were two pair gone.

Q. How long was this after the Women were gone?

Pearson. About a Minute. Says this Man that stands here, if we go out, I believe we shall overtake them. When I overtook I laid hold of them, and said, go back to my House: With that the beggar-Woman took one of the Stockings and threw it over some Pallisades . So then I brought them to my House. Presently after this came a Neighbour of mine and brought the other Stocking, that they had thrown within the Pallisades .

Q. After this, what did you do farther?

Pearson. Please you my Lord , I brought them to my House , and we thought it proper to have an Officer. They call'd me Rogue, and the like. Upon this we had them before a Justice.

Q. Did they deny it? As to these Stockings produced, these are odd Stockings; were they upon your Compter at that Time ?

Pearson. Yes, please you my Lord, in Pairs, in 24 Pairs .

Q. Can you recollect that particular Stocking you saw the little one throw away, are you sure it was one of them?

Pearson. I did not take it off the Pallisades. This Man, the other Witness , took it off.

Q. Have you any Ting more to say?

Pearson. I have nothing more to say.

Q. (to the Prisoners) Will you either of you ask the Gentleman any Questions. He speaks more particularly to you, that he saw you, Dawson, throw the Stocking upon the Iron Pallisades .

Q. (to Moses Price ) Do you know of the Stocking being thrown upon the Iron Spike; which of them did you see throw it?

Price. Mary Dawson , the Prisoner.

Q. Who did you deliver this Stocking to?

Price. I kept it 'till the Officer came, and we went before the Justice.

Q. (to Dawson, the Prisoner) Would you ask him any Questions? He swears he saw you throw one Stocking upon some Iron Rails, that he took it off and carry'd it to the Prosecutor afterwards, and deliver'd it to the Constable: And it is now in Court, and the Prosecutor swears it is his.

Michael Watkins . I keep the Black-Raven in Chiswell-Street. I saw my Neighbour go after the Prisoners, and as he pursu'd them one of them clapp'd her Hand to her Bosom; one Stocking hung on the Rails, and the other by. They were taken up by Martha Willis .

Q. (to the Prisoner) Would you ask him any Questions? He says, he saw you pull two Stockings out of your Breast.

Mary - I was sitting at the Stall, and the two Prisoners and two more came by where I sit. The other two sat down opposite, in the Street, while the Prisoners went in to cheapen something. And when they came out again, they pass'd by my Stall, I heard the big one say to this Purpose, D - mn my Eyes, or Limbs , they are after us. I saw Mr. Pearson directly come after them, and upon that, she pull'd out of her Bosom two Stockings, she threw one of them over a Rail, and that was afterwards taken up by a Boy, a little dirty , and carry'd back. When Mr. Pearson came up, he clapp'd his Hand on their Shoulders and carried them back to his Shop.

Q. (to the Prisoners) What have you to say for yourselves?

Prisoners. Sir, we went into this Gentleman's Shop to buy a pair of green Stockings with red Clocks; he told us he had none under Half a Crown a pair, but 2 s. 2 d. was the lowest Price. With that we came away, we had not gone above 20 Yards, but he came to us and said, we must go to his Shop, and have us before the Justice. He said , he had hang'd one, and he would do his Endeavour to hang us. When he follow'd us, he clapp'd me (Dawson) in particular on the Shoulder, with two pair of red Stockings; and said he had lost two pair of such.

Q. (to - Eaton. How long have you known Mary Goodman ?

Eaton. All her Lifetime. Her Father was a Master Drover, and I never heard any Thing against her.

Q (to Susannah Diney ) What do you know of the Prisoners?

Dison. I have known Mary Goodman for 16 Years, and never heard any Ill of her.

Q. (to Elizabeth West ) What do you know of Goodman?

West. I know her to be very honest: She behav'd very well as a Servant, with me.

Q. In what Way did she live a Servant with you?

West. In making up Linnen .

Q. (to Mary Hedenbough ) How long have you known Goodman, the Prisoner at the Bar?

Hedenbough. Fourteen Years. I never knew any Harm by her. She always work'd very hard.

Q. (to Dorothy Burleigh ) How long have you known her?

Burleigh. From her Birth .

Q. What's her Character?

Burleigh. I never knew any Thing amiss of her, 'till she was drawn away within a Fortnight. She was a good sober Girl, 'till drawn away, by lewd Company.

Q. (to the Prisoner Dawson) Have you any Witnesses?

Dawson. I have no Friend at all. Dawson guilty 10 d.

Mary Goodman acquitted .

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