Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 10 December 2022), October 1743, trial of James Blank (t17431012-27).

James Blank, Theft > grand larceny, 12th October 1743.

490. James Blank was indicted for stealing eight Gallons of Brandy, value 20 s. the Goods of Loth Leader , Sept. 7 .

Loth Leader. I had been collecting Money from Persons whom I deal with, and coming up Cloth-Fair I met the Prisoner with something upon his Back, which I perceived to be a Bottle which was full; I asked him where he was going? he said he was going to carry it to one Owen's in Long-Lane; and I found afterwards that he sold that Brandy for 2 s. which cost me 4 s. 6 d. or upwards. Owen and his Family are since gone off; he confess'd that he had taken the Brandy and sold it, and that he took the Bottle filled with Brandy four Times, I know the Bottle very well; I catched him on the Wednesday, and the Tuesday following I took him up.

Prisoner. It was no more than that one Time that my Master catched me, and he sent me about my Business.

- Hill. On the 14th of Sept. Mr Leader sent for me and told me, I must take up the Prisoner, for he had been a vile Rogue to him. When I took him, I said, Jemmy, how can you be such a Rogue to rob so good a Master as you have; and Mr Leader said to him, how often have you done this, and he said only the Time that you catched me, and afterwards he said he went another Time; Mr Leader said, tell me the Truth, or it shall be the worse for you, and then he said he had filled the Bottle four times and sold it for 2 s. a Bottle. Then he asked him whether he had ever sold any Cags, and he confessed that he had taken twelve two Gallon Cags, and sold them.

Q. How came you not to mention this?

Leader. He had lived with me a great many Years, and I did not care to carry the Thing farther than what was necessary. Guilty 10 d .

[Transportation. See summary.]