Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 09 May 2021), January 1741, trial of John Mills Thomas New Christopher Sware (t17410116-53).

John Mills, Thomas New, Christopher Sware, Theft > shoplifting, 16th January 1741.

65, 66, 67. John Mills , Thomas New , and Christopher Sware , were indicted for privately stealing a Kersey Waistcoat, Value 2 s. two Pair of Yarn Stockings, Value 1 s. and two silk Handkerchiefs, Value 1 s. the Goods of Mary Scarlet , in her Shop , Jan 5 .

Sarah Stanton . Yesterday was three Weeks, about nine at Night, three Boy s came into my Mother's Shop, and asked for Cloaths; I shewed them several, and fitted them, and while I turned about to look for other Goods, they went off, and immediately I missed a Kersey Waistcoat, two Pair of Yarn Stockings, and two silk Handkerchiefs. I can't swear the Prisoners are the Persons that took them, but their Friends came to the Shop, and offered to pay for the Goods that were missing.

John Watts . I know the Prisoner Mills to be a sober honest young Man; and have known him from his Infancy, and have entrusted him to receive Money for me, and he never defrauded me of a Farthing.

Elizabeth Marsh . I have known him Seven Years, and he always behaved in a very handsome Manner.

All Acquitted .