Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 09 December 2021), December 1740, trial of Ann Price (t17401204-52).

Ann Price, Theft > grand larceny, 4th December 1740.

67. Ann Price , was indicted for stealing four Portugal Pieces, value 7 l 4 s. and 2 Guineas , the Money of Ralph Buck , Nov. 14 .

Ralph Buck On the 14th of November, about eleven at Night, I was walking by Temple-Bar, and a Woman pick'd me up, and carry'd me to the Coach and Horses Alehouse , where we had a Mug of Beer, for which I paid 1 s. I chang'd a Guinea in the House to pay for the Beer, and I had not had my Change a Minute, but another Woman came in; I reprimanded her for coming into my Company, and in a short Time, the Prisoner came in, and pick'd my pocket. I had my Money all but one Guinea, return'd by the People of the House. The Prisoner was secur'd that Night in the Watch-House, and the next Morning, before we went to the Justice, she gave me 21 s. in the Room of the Guinea which was wanting.

Prisoner. How near was I to you?

Buck. Close to me, she was not in the Room a Minute before she pick'd my Pocket - I have two other Witnesses, but one is run away, and the other will not come.

Prisoner. I never was so near him as to offer any such Thing; he told me he would hang the best Neck I had, if I would not give him a Guinea .

The Justice. This Woman being brought before me, I bound the Prosecutor over; afterwards he told me, that he had agreed with her for a Guinea , not to Prosecute, and that he had receiv'd it in Silver.

Joseph Johnson , Richard Eales , and Jane Holbridge , gave the Prisoner the Character of an honest Person, and the Jury acquitted her.