Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 22 February 2019), April 1740, trial of Mary Candy (t17400416-23).

Mary Candy, Theft > grand larceny, 16th April 1740.

214. Mary Candy ,* of St James's, Westminster , was indicted for stealing a Linnen-Shirt, value 2 s. a Shift, value 12 d. a Sheet, value 6 d. a Linnen-Cap edged with Cambrick, value 6 d. two Linnen-Caps lac'd, value 12 d. and several other Things , the Goods of Patrick Inwood , March 15 .

* Mary Candy was convicted last September sessions of simple Larceny; and was whipt. See her Trial, No. 464. p. 143.

Patrick Inwood . On Saturday the 15th of March last, between 6 and 8 in the Evening, we lost some Linnen off the Lines in the Yard, and the Monday following, my Wife met the Prisoner in Saville-Street, (in our Neighbourhood,) with some Things upon her, which made her suspect she was the Person who had robbed us. So we took her before Sir Edward Hill , and the Shift upon her Back, proved to be my Wife's. She delivered us some other Linnen at the Justice's but many other Things she said were at the Pawnbroker's; we enquired for them, according to her Directions, and found the Sheet, and nothing else. When she was before the Justice, I found he knew her; for he said she had been brought to him twice before.

Jury. Where is your House?

Inwood. In Swallow-Street and the Yard, from whence the Linnen was stolen, is behind my House.

Mrs Inwood . Two Days after the Robbery I met the Prisoner in Saville-Street, and she having some of my Linnen on, I knew the Things were mine, and had her before Sir Edward Hill. He ordered her to return my Goods, and we found upon her, an Apron, two Handkerchiefs, and a lac'd Mob, and a Shift; the Apron, and the Handkerchief, I had from her at the Justice's House, and she was to pull off the other Things when she came to New-Prison, but we got no more from her, than what were restored to us before the Justice. She owned she went into the Yard and took the Linnen, but she said, she was in Liquor, and knew not what she did: - When I first saw her in the Street, she was standing at a Gentleman's Door to hear some Musick, and as I passed along, I observed she had got my lac'd Mob upon her Head; upon which I taxed her with having stole them, and knew all my other Linnen, which she then had upon her. She owned she had pawned the rest of the Things, and I would have brought the Pawnbroker here, but he is gone out of Town.

Prisoner. I did not take these Things: they were brought to me by another Woman: but the People who were to have proved it are gone down into the Country. Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]