Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 02 April 2023), September 1739, trial of John Maw, otherwise Morris (t17390906-9).

John Maw, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 6th September 1739.

438. John Maw, otherwise Morris , was indicted for assaulting William Russel . on the King's Highway, in the Parish of Chiswick, putting him in Fear, and taking from him a Chest of Drawers val. 3 s. seven Linnen Shifts, val. 35 s. two Silk Gowns, val. 20 s. ten Linnen Caps, val. 10 s. a Holland Apron, val. 4 s. three Cambrick Aprons, val. 50 s. one Cambrick ditto, laced, val. 40 s. a Velvet Hood, value 5 s. a Sattin Mantelet, val. 5 s. four Fans, val. 4 s. a Pair of Silk Shoes, val. 5 s. a Pair of Leather ditto, val. 2 s. a Dimitty Petticoat, val. 3 s. a Flannel ditto, val. 2 s. two Necklaces, val. 2 s. 6 d. a Cambrick Handkerchief, val 12 d. two Pair of Holland Stock Sleeves, val. 1 s. and many other Things, val. 41 s. 6 d. the Goods of Sarah Atwater , Spinster. And a Cloth Coat, val. 5 s. and a Linnen Shirt, val. 2 s. the Goods of William Styles , July 5 .

Sarah Atwater . All the Goods mentioned in the Indictment, I sent in a Chest of Drawers, by the Reading Waggon, for London. We charged the Prisoner, because he sold a yellow Silk Gown of mine, the very next Day.

William Atwater . I saw the Goods carry'd out of the House, by the Porter, belonging to the Waggon; his Name is Richard Aldridge . And Mr. Russel is the Owner of the Waggon.

William Russel . Mrs. Atwater's Chest of Drawers was put into the Waggon the 4th of July, and it was taken out a little beyond Turnham Green . We came from Reading on the 4th of July, and the Waggon was robbed the 5th about one o'Clock in the Morning. I was then on Horseback. Three Men on Foot came up to me, and clapped each of them a Pistol to me, and cry'd, - d-mn you, stop the Waggon, or you are a dead Man, They asked me if I had any Fire-Arms, or any Guard in the Waggon? I told them, - no, I had not; and that there was only an old Man in it, who was going to London. The Prisoner I believe was the Man who stood Guard over me while the others robbed the Waggon. I had a little Knowledge of him, for he visited me one Night upon the Road, near the same Place, about One o'Clock, in May last, and robbed the Waggon then, with one Man in his Company. The Moon at that time shone pretty bright, and I could discern something of him, for we had then a pretty deal of Talk together; and by his Size, his Voice, and Manner of Speaking, I verily believe he is one of the Men that robb'd me now; but this last Time it was dark, and I can't say I discerned his Face, but I remembered his Size and Voice, and was in Hopes he would have let me gone on, as he had robbed me so lately; but I was mistaken, for he came up with two others, and presenting their Pistols at me, they bid me stop the Waggon; I bid them stop it themselves, - I would not, - but they made me do it, and then the Prisoner (I apprehend) stood over me, while the other two got up into the Waggon, to see what they could find. They were in the Waggon near a Quarter of an Hour, and threw out a Chest of Drawers, a Portmanteau, a Trunk; and a Great Coat, with a Shirt in one of the Pockets, which one of them who had been in the Waggon put on; but on my telling them it was my Coat, the Man who guarded me bid him give it me again. Then they took their Goods upon their Backs, and bid me go about my Business.

Richard Stiles . I was in the Waggon, on the 5th of July, when it was stopp'd near Turnham-Green. They asked Russel, (who was then driving the Waggon) whether any Body was in it, and whether he had any Fire-arms? He told them, no; and then a tall, brisk, active Man (such a Man as the Prisoner, by his Size and Voice) said to his two Companions, - d-mn you, get up into the Waggon. I am pretty sure the Prisoner is the Man. As soon as the two Men had got into the Waggon, they threw out a large Scale-beam, and a Horse's Harness; a Chest of Drawers, a Trunk, and a Portmanteau, which was wedged in between some Barrels of Beer. They came in at the Tail of the Waggon, and went out at the Head; but before they left it, one of them took my Coat which lay by me, with a Shirt in the Pocket, and put it on. I am Russel's Brother, and he being lame, I came up with him to help him. The Man (whom I take to be the Prisoner) talk'd to him about five Minutes. They were not long in doing what they were about.

Mary Elliot . I know the Prisoner. On the 5th of July, between the Hours of Nine and Twelve in the Forenoon, he brought me this Mantelet, and a Velvet Hood, to be pawn'd. This Gown I had of the Prisoner's Mother-in-Law, and upon these three Things I lent him 25s. These Goods in this Bundle ( producing another Parcel ) I had likewise from his Mother-in-Law; her Name is Kitchen. I cannot say I had any Discourse with him concerning the Things I had from her, but when they were both before Mr. Deveil, she said (in his Presence) she had the Things from him, and he did not deny it. She was taken up, and sent to Newgate, where she since died.

Henry Grubb , Pawnbroker. Here is an Apron and a Cap, which Mrs. Kitchen, the Prisoner's Mother-in-Law, brought to me on the 6th of July, and I lent her Money on them: Soon after I had taken them in, I saw them advertised, and gave Notice to the Prosecutor; upon which Mrs. Kitchen was taken up, and she confess'd she had the Goods of the Prisoner: Then we took him, and carry'd him and his Mother before Mr. Deveil, where she charged him with having given her these Things, and he owned he did so. We asked him about the rest of the Goods, but he said he did not know of any more than were produced.

Mrs. Atwater. This Cap and Apron are mine; 'tis a very particular Apron, - I work'd it with my own Hands.

Grubb. Mr. Deveil asked the Prisoner how he came by these Things, and he told him, his Friend gave them to him.

Hickman Young. I was at Mr. Deveil's when he granted a Warrant to apprehend the Prisoner. When we took him, he asked us what our Business was? We told him we had a Warrant for him, and when we had hand-cuffed him, we shew'd it to him: At first he deny'd every thing, and when he was before the Justice, he said he knew nothing of the Robbery; but when some of the Goods were produced, he owned his Mother had them from him. There was another Cap produced at that Time, which Mrs. Kitchen had sold to one Mrs. Turner

Turner. This is the Cap: The Prisoner's Sister, Elizabeth Kitchen , brought it to me on a Friday Night, and told me the Prisoner's Wife was dead, and that he was selling off her Cloaths, any of which I might have very reasonable: I did not care to buy the Cap of her, so she brought her Mother and the Prisoner to my Room on Sunday Morning, and then I paid the Mother 7s. and 6 d. for it, and I saw her deliver the Money into the Prisoner's Hands at the Foot of my Bed.

Mrs. Atwater. This is my Cap.

Elizabeth Kitchen ( the Prisoner's Sister). And I had it from the Prisoner.

John Becket , Constable. I have two Pair of Sleeves in my Custody: I was sent for on the 27th of July to Mr. Grubb's, where I found Mrs. Kitchen, and was charg'd with her. We afterwards search'd her House, and found these Sleeves which Mrs. Atwater own'd; Mrs. Kitchen said she had them from her Son, and he did not deny it.

Prisoner. I was sick when this Robbery was committed. Pray did I say I gave my Mother those Things?

Becket. Yes: These Things (the Sleeves) were found in his Mother's Drawers, and when we had them before Mr. Deveil, he would had the Mother to have made herself an Evidence. He asked her, before the Prisoner, where she had them, and she said, - her Son made her a Present of them.

Joseph Nicholene . I keep a publick House in King street, St. Ann's. The Prisoner came to lodge at my House on the 2nd of June; he lodg'd there seven Weeks, and behaved well; I never catch'd any thing upon him He lay abroad two Nights in the Time; but I don't know when it was: He was sick when he first came, and had a Wound in the Face, but I don't know how it was caus'd: He had a Nurse with him a good while. I once ask'd him how his Face came to be hurt, and he told me, he had been quarrelling and fighting.

- Bold. I nursed the Prisoner, but I know nothing of his Illness: I came the 2d of June, and was with him seven Weeks; I sat up with him four Nights, and then I used to go home; I did not stay with him every Night.

Prisoner. These Things were brought into Mr. Nicholene's House, and I gave them to my Mother to dispose of.

Bold. I saw his Mother bring some Things into that House, but what they were, I can't tell. Guilty , Death .