Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 01 February 2023), August 1727, trial of Thomas Johnson , alias Bewley, alias Handy (t17270830-30).

Thomas Johnson, Theft > other, 30th August 1727.

Thomas Johnson , alias Bewley, alias Handy , was indicted for stealing a Cloth Coat, a pair of Breeches, and half a Yard of Canvas, the Goods of David Cleavland and Robert Morris , with several other Things, the Goods of Persons unknown ; to which Indictment he refused to plead at his Arraignment, saying, the Prosecutors thought to hang him for the sake of the 40 Pounds allowed by the Government, but he would baulk their Expectations, for he would be hanged for returning from Transportation according to Law: Being told he must plead or be Sentenced to the Press, he at last consented, and was found guilty of single Felony; but upon his Confession an Order of Court was given, that he should be indicted on his returning from Transportation.

[Death. See summary.]