Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 03 June 2023), July 1727, trial of Samuel Denison (t17270705-21).

Samuel Denison, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 5th July 1727.

Samuel Denison , of St. Pancras , was indicted for assaulting Hamiton Howit March , on the Highway, taking from him 2 s. in Money, and four Knives , on the 4th of April last; it appeared that the Prosecutor had heard a Report that there was some Highwaymen and evil disposed Persons at a Publick House near the Pindar of Wakefield; and to secure them he raised the Country, and proceeding so far in his Suspicions as to bring himself into a Broil, and not to make his Assertions evident, the Consequence was a Quarrel, and some Blows, in which he said he lost the Goods mentioned in the Indictment; but the Fact not appearing plain, the Prisoner was acquitted .