Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 02 October 2022), April 1727, trial of Leah Wilkinson (t17270412-48).

Leah Wilkinson, Deception > forgery, Deception > fraud, 12th April 1727.

Leah Wilkinson was indicted for Forgery, in drawing up a Counterfeit Writing, in order to receive the Pay of William Bar , Deceas'd. It appear'd that the Prisoner was one of those vile Persons, who makes a Practice of drawing up false Powers, and Letters of Administration, and thereby cheating and defrauding the Widows of such Seamen as die in the Voyage. This Fact in particular was proved upon her, that she forged a Will in the Name of William But , on board his Majesty's Ship the Mary; to which Will she annex'd a Probate, and filled it up in the Name of the Archbishop of Canterbury. In her Defence: She pleaded a great deal of Ignorance, Innocence, and Incapacity, yet she talk'd of Administrations, Probates, and broad Seals. with as much Dexterity as if the had been educated at Doctors Commons. The Jury brought her in guilty .

She was a second Time indicted for persuading Margaret Smith to personate and take upon her the Name of Anne Bar , in order to cheat and defraud the Relief of William Bar of 17 l. due to him for Wages . Of which Indictment she was likewise found guilty .

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