Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 15 December 2019), February 1722, trial of James Butler (t17220228-48).

James Butler, Breaking Peace > assault, 28th February 1722.

James Butler , was indicted for assaulting Elizabeth Pember on the 12th of January . Elizabeth Pember depos'd, that as she was standing at her own Door, (the Greyhound in West Smithfield ) about 8 at Night, the prisoner came by, and pull'd her by the Arm. Go along Blockhead (says she) its very bard if I can't stand at my own Door. Who do you call Blockhead, ye Bitch you? says he, and lifting up his Fist, he struck her in the Face. beat out one of her Teeth, and put her Thumb out of joint, she holding up her Hand to ward off the Blow. The prisoner said he was drunk, and happen'd to reel against her, and she call'd him blockheadly Thief; which he being very much affronted at, gave her a slap of the Face. He was at first fin'd 10 l. and 3 Years Imprisonment; but upon Mrs. Pember's Entreaty , the Court diminish'd it to 5 l. and 1 Years Imprisonment .