Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 01 April 2023), July 1718, trial of Robert Harrison (t17180709-31).

Robert Harrison, Royal Offences > seditious words, 9th July 1718.

Robert Harrison , of St. Buttolph's Aldgate , was indicted for a Misdemeanor in speaking Seditious and Treasonable Words against the King and Government the 16th of May last. Edward Ryland deposed, that on the 16th of May, about 11 a Clock at Night, was going along the Minories , and that the Prisoner passed along, crying, King James for ever, who dare oppose him? Capt. Francis Smart deposed, that as he passed along the Minories at the time aforesaid, he heard the Prisoner cry out, King James the Third, King James the Third for ever, who dare oppose him? G - d - n all his Foes : To which he replied, I dare oppose him, and laying hold on the Prisoner secured him, and that he asking him as they were going before a Justice, if he had ever taken the Abjuration-Oath , he said he never had, nor ever would. Another Evidence deposed, that at the same Time and Place he heard the Prisoner cry out, King James the Third for ever, G - d - all his Foes , who dare oppose King James the Third? The Prisoner pleaded that he was drunk, and knew not what he did. The Evidence allow'd they believ'd he had been drinking, but not to that degree that he would have it believ'd The Jury found him Guilty of the Misdemeanor, and he receiv'd sentence to stand once in the Pillory , to pay 20 Marks , and suffer 6 Months Imprisonment .