Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 04 October 2023), April 1714, trial of James Blundel (t17140407-39).

James Blundel, Theft > theft from a specified place, 7th April 1714.

James Blundel , (a little Boy ) of the Parish of Harrow on the Hill , was indicted for stealing 8 Yards of Lustring, and a Silk Hood, out of the House of John Saucer , on the 23d of February last. The Prisoner being a Parish Child of St. Andrews Holborn, was nurs'd next door to the Prosecutor's House, who fancying the Boy, took him upon liking to be a Servant , and while he and his Wife were abroad he was left at home to look to the House, and the Goods were gone; and they threatning to bring him to London to a Cunning Man, he run away to his Nurse, who protected him. The Boy upon his Trial said, That it was one James Cock his Nurse's Grandson, who stole the Silk, and carry'd it home to his Grandmother, who receiv'd whatever they stole. Upon the whole, he was acquitted and the Prosecutor order'd to proceed against his Nurse.