Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 06 June 2023), December 1712, trial of James Ashwood (t17121210-7).

James Ashwood, Theft > shoplifting, 10th December 1712.

James Ashwood of the Parish of St. Mary le Bow , was indicted for privily stealing 77 yards of Printed Callicoe, out of the Shop of Samuel and Joseph Harris , on the 21st of October last. Mr. Harris depos'd, that being inform'd the Prisoner was seen to go out of his Shop with a Bundle, he was pursu'd and taken with the Goods near him. Another swore, that he saw him looking about the Shop-door, and and afterwards go in, and bring out the Callicoes, and drop them upon the pursuit. He pretended he was going of an Errand, and was stopt upon the Outcry by mistake; but that was look'd upon as frivolous, and the Evidence being very clear against him, he was found Guilty of Shoplifting.

[Death. See summary.]