Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 06 December 2023), December 1708, trial of Isaac Causabon (t17081208-38).

Isaac Causabon, Killing > murder, 8th December 1708.

Isaac Causabon , Gent. of St. Dunstan's in the West , was Indicted for the Murder of William Lee , by giving him one mortal Wound with a Rapier, in the left-side of his Belly on the 12th of September last, of which he languish'd 'till the 14th of the same, and then died : The Evidence for the Queen depos'd. That the Deceas'd with one Wilford and Noble, came out of the Kings Arm's Tavern in Fleet-street, between 6 and 7 at Night, and meeting the Prisoner with Mrs. Rudge in his Hand (her Husband being before) the Deceas'd chuck'd her under the Chin, and so went on, no ill Language passing between them; but going towards Fleet Ditch, the Prisoner and Mr. Rudge came up, and demanded Satisfaction for the Affront, and justled the Deceas'd and his Company into the Dragon Tavern: That Scuffling together along the Entry, the Prisoner gave the Deceas'd a Box on the Ear, which the Deceas'd return'd with a small Push; Then the Prisoner threw the Deceas'd at the Foot of the Stairs, and his Sword was then observ'd to be drawn; that the Company came up to the Deceas'd, and found him mortally wounded in the Belly, but it was not discern'd how it was given. The Prisoner in his Defence brought Evidence to prove, that handing Mrs. Rudge along Fleet-street, her Husband being then before, were met by the Deceas'd and 2 Men more; That the Deceas'd laid hold of her Waist, and would have taken her from the Prisoner; That being affrighted they were forc'd to carry her into the Green Dragon Tavern, where she fell into Fits; that the Deceas'd follow'd them in, and first gave the Assault. That he was very violent, and took the Prisoner by the Collar and struck him, and threw the Prisoner flat upon his Back; they then Scuffled together, and both fell down among some Hampers, and the Prisoners Sword was then drawn. That the Deceas'd being ask'd whether he had received any Wound? replied, I believe not. Not withstanding which, upon search, a Wound was discover'd upon his Belly, which was given by the Sword in the scuffle; but how was not known. The Jury considering the whole Matter, brought it in Se Defendendo .