Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 17 August 2022), January 1700, trial of John Handley Elizabeth Handley (t17000115-11).

John Handley, Elizabeth Handley, Theft > grand larceny, 15th January 1700.

John Handley and Elizabeth Handley , both of the Parish of St. Anns Black friars , were Indicted for Feloniously stealing 20 l weight of Feathers, 4 Pewter Plates, an Iron Candlestick , from Stephen Rowse , on the 20th of October last. The Prosecutor said, That the Prisoners were brought by a Neighbour of his to lye at his House for a Night or two, which he granted them to do; but in the Night they cut open the Bed, and took out the Feathers, and put Grass and Dirt to fill up the same; and in the Morning they went their Ways with the rest of the Goods. The Fact was plainly prov'd against them, the Jury thereupon found the Man Guilty , and acquitted the Woman, she doing it in obedience to her Husbands Commands.

[Branding. See summary.]