Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 07 October 2022), February 1697, trial of Isaac Sound William Thomas (t16970224-27).

Isaac Sound, William Thomas, Theft > burglary, 24th February 1697.

Isaac Sound and William Thomas , together with John Mart , who confest the same, and William Loe , not yet taken, were indicted for Felony and Burglary, for breaking the House of Samuel Pomfrett (and putting Patience Pomfrett in fear of her life) on the 29th. of January last, about Seven in the Night, and taking thence a silver Salver, a Sett of Casters, a Tankard, 4 Salts, 2 Cups, 3 Spoons, with divers other Goods . The Evidence declared that Mart came to the House, and stood at the Door, and gave a Sign to the others to come in, which they did, and bound them; then they lookt about for the Plate, and when they found it, they put it into a Pillowbear, and carried it away; then they broke open a Desk, out of which they took divers things; they further alledged that Mart had a Pistol, and said, Dam them, don't stand to bind them, kill them. The matter was fully proved against them, how they sold the Plate for 16 l. and shared the Money amongst them; the Jury thereupon found them both guilty of the Felony and Burglary.

[Death. See summary.]