Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 27 November 2021), May 1689, trial of John Ingham (t16890516-75).

John Ingham, Deception > forgery, 16th May 1689.

John Ingham was Indicted for Forgery, in making a false Warrant, procuring one Edward Williams to be discharged out of Newgate by it . The Evidence against him said, That he sent a Writing for his Discharge signed by two Justices of Peace, viz. Ri. Fowler, and H. Roe. Mr. Roe was in Court, and said, That that was none of his Hand, this was dated the 9th of April. Another Evidence said, That the Prisoner sollicited him to get a Justice of Peace his Head to a Warrant for the Discharge of one in Newgate, telling him that he might get some Guinea's by it, or to that Effect, for that he had got 4 l. that morning by it, which the Prisoner owned when he was apprehended, and that he had forged the Hands as aforesaid. But he denied it all upon his Tryal, yet in the end he was found guilty of the Forgery.

[Pillory. See summary.]

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