Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 22 March 2023), February 1681, trial of John Sadler (t16810228-2).

John Sadler, Killing > murder, 28th February 1681.

John Sadler , A Bailiffs follower Receiv'd his Tryal for Murdering a Girl about 13 years of Age , on the 24th of December last, at Ratcliff : Which Inhuman Barbarity was acted, as followeth. He being a Lodger or Inmate to one Lattice Wigington, a Semptress, who Instructed Children in that Mystery: The Deceased, as she pretented, having wronged her of some trivial Summ of Moneys, and being her Apprentice, with whom not long before she had 5 pounds. She got the Prisoner to help give her Correction, who ty'd up the Child by the Wrists, and with whip-cords, after he had strip'd her, beat her 3 or 4 hours, still rubbing the Wounds with Salt: And the Woman who was Condemn'd the last Sessions for the same Murder, stop'd her Mouth with an handkercher, lest the Neighbours should pity her out-Cry for the hard cruel usage: In three dayes she dyed: whereupon the Prisoner fled: but being taken, upon his Tryal, was found Guilty of wilful Murder.

[Death. See summary.]