Old Bailey Proceedings Online (www.oldbaileyonline.org, version 8.0, 05 August 2021), August 1786 (s17860830-1).

Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary, 30th August 1786.

The Sessions being ended, the Court proceeded to pass Sentence, as follows.

Mr. Recorder passed sentence on the capital convicts, as follows:

"Prisoners at the bar, you have all

"been convicted upon satisfactory evidence,

"and by the verdicts of very merciful

"and attentive juries, of crimes

"which the laws of your country have

"thought necessary to punish with death;

"the dread of that punishment, the respect

"due to the laws of God and your

"Country, and even the dreadful examples

"which have been held forth to you

"by other unfortunate and wretched sufferers,

"in situations similar to yours,

"have unhappily for you been insufficient,

"to produce that effect on your minds,

"which should have deterred you from

"the commission of those crimes which

"have brought you into a like unfortunate

"situation: It would therefore

"be in vain for me to expect that any

"thing I can say to you would make a deeper

"impression on you than those repeated

"examples. It therefore only remains for

"me (after earnestly praying that the little

"time which now will be allotted to you to

"live, should be so employed as to secure

"that pardon for you hereafter, which

"you cannot hope to receive here) to

"proceed to the last and most painful part

"of my duty, in pronouncing on you the

"dreadful sentence of the law, which is,

"that you, and each of you, be taken from

"hence to the place from whence you

"came, and from thence to the place of

"execution, there to be hanged by the

"neck until you are dead: and may the

"Lord have mercy upon your sinful


Received Sentence of Death, 15, (viz.)

William Wilkinson , George Lee , Alexander Seton , George Connoway , John Brown , George Woolford , John Batt , William White , John Watson , Henry Brown , John Shepherd , George Smith , James Wood , Thomas Tanner , Henry Lenham .

To be transported for fourteen years, 1.

Boze Venner .

To be transported for seven years, 31, (viz.)

Robert Jones , William Bugden , Edward Williams , Esther Abrahams , James Foothead , Edward Hall , Thomas Harwood , William Emery , Elizabeth Osborne , Jane Herbert , Thomas Marshall , William Larter otherwise Larbold, William Peters , Esther Harwood otherwise Howard, James George Semple , Joseph Piggin , Nicholas Deadross , George Gibbs , Mary Jackson , Martha Burkitt , John Moore , John Keys , Charles Mann , William Million , Martha Baker , William Henning , George Warwick , Charles Crowley , Joseph Abrahams , William Nobs , Thomas Sawyer .

To be imprisoned for twelve months, 10, (viz.)

Sarah Jones , Ann Crow , Lydia Bills , Sarah Carey , Charlotte Mason , Hyam Solomon, Sarah Pearson , Samuel Dring , Michael Roach , James Grace . (The three last fined 1 s.)

To be imprisoned for six months, 8, (viz.)

Mary Davis , Ann Symonds , Ann Smith , Ann Clapshaw , Elizabeth Cooper , Isabella Leicester , Ann Ware , William Lewin .

To be publicly whipped, 7, (viz.)

Patrick Summers , John Monk , William Harris , Hyam Solomon , William Lewin , John Skeggs , John Welch .

Sentence respited

On William Brown and William Trapshaw .